MC Hammer Quiz Book - 50 Fun & Fact Filled Questions About Rapper / Entrepreneur M.C. Hammer

MC Hammer Quiz Book - 50 Fun & Fact Filled Questions About Rapper / Entrepreneur M.C.

MC Hammer Quiz Book - 50 Fun & Fact Filled Questions About Rapper / Entrepreneur M.C. HammerThis is a fun quiz book about M.C. Hammer. Pull it out to quiz your friends and have a little fun. Remember have fun and crack plenty of jokes! Want To Spice It Up A little? Play Men against the Women and the loser has to do something humiliating. Alright Let’s Get This Party Started! All questions are worth 1 point unless noted.


Vanilla Oleoresin 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Oil by Edens Garden- 5 ml

Vanilla Oleoresin 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Oil by Edens Garden- 5

There is a certain coziness to the aroma of Oleoresin Vanilla. Think of fresh baked cookies or a rich cream sundae. Oleoresin Vanilla's alluringly creamy aroma can help you let go of anxiety and allow stress to gently pass by. Edens Garden's Oleoresin Vanilla is 10 fold Oleoresin and is not technically an essential oil. We decided to offer Vanilla because its lush and incredibly recognizable aroma can almost immediately melt away worry. Throughout history, Vanilla has been used in lotions, soaps, body and hair care products, incense, baked goods, and ice cream. Most perfumes that delight the senses have a least a few drops of Vanilla. It is also known to be an enticing aphrodisiac. Native to Mexico and Central America, the climbing plant reaches about 12 feet in height and has clusters of green and yellow flowers that develop into aromatic brown pods with tiny seeds inside. The seed pods are put through a solvent extraction method to capture the oil. Here's a fun fact: The Melipone bee, which is only found in Mexico, pollinates the Vanilla flower. In 1836, Charles Moran began hand pollinated the flowers to that Vanilla could be cultivated throughout the world. BOTANICAL NAME: Vanilla planifolia VARIETY: Oleoresin ORIGIN: India EXTRACTION METHOD: Solvent Extracted PLANT PART: Seed pods NOTE: Base BLENDS WELL WITH: Coffee, Cocoa, Peppermint AROMA: Sweet, rich, and similar to the aroma of Vanilla extract commonly used in baking CONSISTENCY: Thick COLOR: Deep Brown **Euro droppers are not included with 100 ml bottles** SAFETY: Because this is an absolute and not an essential oil, it is not soluble in a carrier oil, but in alcohol. Best if used in room sprays, or very low dilution when used topically SHELF LIFE: 4 Years

  • Brand: Edens Garden
  • ASIN: B0184RW0TY
  • UPC: 013964855906

Matcha Love Organic Matcha and Green Tea, Vanilla, 16.9 Ounce (Pack of 12), Unsweetened, Zero Calories, No Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners, USDA Certified Organic, Caffeinated

Matcha Love Organic Matcha and Green Tea, Vanilla, 16.9 Ounce (Pack of 12), Unsweetened, Zero Calories, No Sugar or Artificial

A modern take on an ancient ritual At matcha LOVE, we are about helping you stay grounded. Our teas provide sustaining energy to keep you centered and balanced, no matter what comes your way. Our teas are brewed with finely milled Japanese matcha and premium whole green tea leaves for refreshing, rich flavor. Fun Matcha Facts Matcha is made from ground green tea leaves. When you drink matcha, you drink the whole leaf. Matcha gives you a gentle energy boost & mental clarity. About The Maker - Ito En ITO EN is the world’s premier green tea company and innovator of healthy beverages dedicated to creating authentic products that embody the company’s five principles of Natural, Healthy, Safe, Well-designed and Delicious. Established in Japan in 1966, ITO EN I4is specifically known for its commitment to tea expertise and high quality standards that are reflected across all of its award-winning brands-TEAS' TEA Organic, Oi Ocha, and Matcha LOVE. Dedicated to authenticity while creating global innovation for the beverage industry, ITO EN is ranked as one of "50 Companies Changing the World"(Fortune) for its commitment to sustainability and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

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Astronaut Freeze Dried Ice Cream Sandwiches – Vanilla & Napolean Ice Cream and Whole Strawberries - 6 Packs

Astronaut Freeze Dried Ice Cream Sandwiches – Vanilla & Napolean Ice Cream and Whole Strawberries - 6

Enjoy the most popular Freeze Dried Ice Cream Sandwiches! You will receive a chunk of ice cream situated between two chocolate wafers, wrapped in one package. Originally developed for the early Apollo Space missions, food is frozen to -40 degrees and then vacuum dried and placed in a special foil pouch. This is the same ice cream found at science museums for a fraction of the price! The shelf life is 3 years, so there is no worry about it expiring. These products are manufactured by the same company that supplies freeze-dried foods to NASA for the Space Shuttle missions. Freeze drying removes water from the ice cream by lowering the air pressure to a point where ice shifts from a solid to a gas. The ice cream is placed in a vacuum chamber and frozen until the water crystallizes. The air pressure is lowered, creating a partial vacuum, forcing air out of the chamber; next heat is applied, vaporizing the ice; finally a freezing coil traps the vaporized water. This process continues for hours, resulting in a freeze-dried ice cream slice. Try our other great flavors of ice cream! Note: Due to the fact this product is fragile and during the shipping process, this product may arrive in bite size pieces/chunks. Packaging and brand may appear different upon the time of delivery.

  • Brand: Astronaut
  • ASIN: B078JFYWW7
  • UPC: 652767313185

National Geographic Readers: Cats vs. Dogs

National Geographic Readers: Cats vs.

Chocolate or vanilla? Creamy peanut butter or crunchy? Cats or dogs? On some matters in life, every kid must take a stance. Ever since the first youngster in history had a pet, cats vs. dogs has been a hotly debated issue at recesses and lunch tables worldwide. Which one's better? Smarter? This reader presents the facts in fun and informative fashion. Kids will love the stimulating Level 3 text as they decide the answer to this question for themselves.National Geographic supports K-12 educators with ELA Common Core Resources.Visit for more information. From the Trade Paperback edition.


Beetle Puzzle Dig Kit –Excavate A Real Preserved Beetle!

Beetle Puzzle Dig Kit –Excavate A Real Preserved

Calling all bug lovers!This Beetle Puzzle Dig Kit from Discover with Dr. Cool combines a puzzle figure with digging and science! Dig up this preserved beetle and use the included adventure guide to learn all about your specimen. Solve mazes, puzzles, and challenges in the included activity booklet.This Beetle Puzzle Dig Kit includes:• A beetle-themed excavation brick containing a preserved beetle specimen for your collection• A 3D beetle puzzle figure• An adventure guide with real bug facts and information, written by teachers• An activity booklet with 10 exciting puzzles, mazes, and challenges• Archeological digging tool, brush, and magnifying glassThrill the young scientist in your family with this incredible hands-on science kit. Get your kit today!A Brand You Can TrustDiscover with Dr. Cool is a name parents trust. Founded by a teacher and a life-long rock hound back in 2009, Dr. Cool has won over 100 awards for the play value, educational content, and overall quality of their toys. These awards include:• 10 Best Toys for Kids - Dr. Toy • Kid's Product of the Year - Creative Child Magazine• Award of Excellence - Parent Tested, Parent Approved• Best of the Year – Family Review Center• Brain Toy Award – Academic’s Choice• Brain Child Toy Award – Tillywig Toy• Teachers Choice Award - Learning MagazineAll Discover with Dr. Cool products are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you know you’re giving a quality gift that any child will love!Science doesn’t get any cooler than this!

  • Brand: Discover with Dr. Cool
  • ASIN: B00M3C1F1Q
  • UPC: 783318485010

NOW Foods Organic Cocoa Powder, Unsweetened-12 oz

NOW Foods Organic Cocoa Powder, Unsweetened-12

Cocoa Lovers Organic Cocoa Powder 12 oz PowderProduct DescriptionFrom mouth Watering desserts to steaming cups of hot chocolate, cocoa powder is must for any kitchen. Cocoa Lovers organic Cocoa Powder is a guilt free way to satisfy your sweet tooth without the sugar, fat and preservatives commonly found in other brands.Directions 1. Place sugar, cocoa, and water into a saucepan on medium heat. 2. Allow for mixture to reach a soft boil. 3. Add milk and heat for an additional 3 minutes. 4. Remove from heat and whisk in vanilla. 5. Serve warm and enjoy,Supplement FactsServing Size: 1 Tsp (about 2.5 g)Servings Per Container: about 136Amount Per Serving% Daily Value***Calories10Calories from FatTotal FatSaturated Fat0%Trans Fat0 gCholesterol0 mg0%Sodium0 mg0%Total Carbohydrate1 gDietary Fiber3%Sugars0 gProteinVitamin A0%Calcium0%Vitamin C0%Iron6%***Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie dietOther Ingredients: Organic Cocoa Powder.Does Not Contain: Not manufactured with yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, milk, egg, fish, shellfish or tree nut ingredients. Produced in a GMP facility that processes other ingredients containing these allergens.Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. As with all dietary supplements, consult your healthcare professional before use. See product label for more information.

  • Brand: NOW Foods
  • ASIN: B000ISZ310
  • UPC: 733739066725

Yankee Candle Autumn Wreath Small Jar Candle, Food & Spice Scent

Yankee Candle Autumn Wreath Small Jar Candle, Food & Spice

There's a cheerful fall welcome in the spicy warmth of autumn leaves and cinnamon apples.Fragrance Notes:Top: Green Leaf, AppleMid: Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg Base: Woody Notes, VanillaTop note is the initial impression of the fragrance, middle note is the main body of the scent and base is its final impression. About Small Classic Jar Candles: This little 3.7-oz gem is a good pick for sampling fragrances. Although it's small, trust us--the fragrance is still big. Each is made right here in America with premium-grade paraffin of the finest quality ingredients from around the world. Fun fact--we select the perfect wick type for each specific fragrance to ensure the very best quality burn. Who knew? (25-40 hours burn time).

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Yankee Candle
  • UPC: 609032519476

PEScience Select Protein, Peanut Butter Cookie, 27 Servings, Premium Whey and Casein Blend, 31 oz

PEScience Select Protein, Peanut Butter Cookie, 27 Servings, Premium Whey and Casein Blend, 31

We are consumers based on innovation and research. We are always digging through the internet on a mission to find the NEW. We look to the scientist for a new discovery to build muscle. Every day when you are downing that 100% whey protein shake after a brutal workout, you think you are really ahead of the curve... convinced it's the holy grail of protein. The truth is you are drinking in the past... sacrificing that time in the gym for outdated science. I wish I could sit here and tell you that our whey + casein protein shake is NEW cutting edge science that PES discovered. It's not. The research is almost 10 years old! It's time to take the blinders off. The supplement industry is based around innovation. Why are you still drinking in the past? When Building Lean Muscle Whey is NOT ENOUGH! If you're a regular 100% whey protein user, read on, because there's something you need to know. Our investigation into the science should royally piss you off. I sure was... In our quest to build muscle, protein intake is the single most important factor. When I say intake, I don't just mean amount...I mean the type of protein too. When I asked our Director of Research & Development to dig up the research on protein, the facts shocked me. Our R&D team didn't have to dive, dig, and spend an eternity finding the, the information was easily found on the government-owned science database known as PubMed. And it is so clear cut. There was no theory or interpretation. Reputable journals have already tested the effects of different proteins in human subjects, and the data could not be more conclusive. Yet for some reason it's been ignored. When researchers at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic tested a combination of whey + casein protein, as found naturally in milk protein, they disco [read more]

  • Color: Peanut Butter Cookie
  • Brand: PEScience
  • ASIN: B06Y2M32Q7
  • UPC: 040232543098

GOURMET CHOCOLATE INDULGENCE Flavored Ground Coffee | 1 LB Bag | Freshly Roasted 100% Colombian Arabica | Premium Quality Mocha Flavor

GOURMET CHOCOLATE INDULGENCE Flavored Ground Coffee | 1 LB Bag | Freshly Roasted 100% Colombian Arabica | Premium Quality Mocha

NO SLEEP 'TIL BROOKLYN!__________________________ Stone Street is a specialty roaster located in the heart of Brooklyn, NYC and we've been roasting delicious coffee since 2009 Who we are We are dedicated to the fine art of handcrafted coffees. We take pride in our ethical & intimate sourcing relationships with the best coffee farms and growing regions. We have perfected the roasting process over many years and we expertly develop each coffee's unique characteristics and full flavor profile. Who is it for? Coffee lovers who appreciate gourmet beans, well-balanced taste/roast profiles, & freshly roasted small batch quality WHAT TO EXPECT FROM OUR CHOCOLATE INDULGENCE COFFEE_______________________________________________________________ Roast Level Medium Flavor Qualities A smooth full-bodied cup of rich chocolate - creamy & delicious with inviting aroma Bean Origin 100% Colombian Arabica Stand Up Pouch Packaging 3-Layer Natural Kraft + Foil Resealable large bag. Includes a one-way de-gassing valve to maintain freshness & aroma. Size 1 Pound Ground Coffee (fun fact: this gives you approx 65 cups of brewed coffee)

  • Brand: Stone Street Coffee
  • UPC: 851145006699