Kids World Party

Kids World Party

In 1999, with the release of World Playground, Putumayo Kids established its children s music collections as passports to learning about the world s cultures. Kids World Party marks a return to these global roots with 12 fun, danceable songs accompanied by a multilingual (English, Spanish, French, German), child-friendly booklet that explores how children worldwide celebrate special occasions. The CD comes enclosed in a new eco-friendly package that uses no plastic.Artists featured on Kids World Party include famed Indian pop and Bollywood singer Lucky Ali, who contributes Kitni Haseen Zindagi, a song that celebrates life. South Africa s Sharon Katz and The Peace Train, whom Nelson Mandela appointed as a Cultural Ambassador of the nation, has thrilled international audiences with the beats and har¬monies of their music, and delights listeners with Sanalwami. Trinidadian children s musician Asheba, whose songs are featured on four other Putumayo Kids collections, contributes the calypso-infused Recess Time. Swiss singer Famara celebrates East African life in Swahili on Mambo Saana. Hawaiian singer Solanna pays a reg¬gae tribute to Willy Wonka in Oompa Loompa. Italy s Balentes, an all-female Sardinian group, contributes the play¬ful dance tune Cixiri (Chickpeas), while France s Pakita charms with Préparon-nous pour Faire la Fête (Let s Get Ready to Party). Representing Latin America is Mexican children s group Monedita de Oro with Nadie. The infec¬tious Afro-Cuban funk of Cuban-American band PALO! is heard on their song Quimbombó (Okra). Also featured on Kids World Party is bilingual (English-French) singer Will Stroet, an award-winning Canadian musi¬cian whose song Le boogie à vélo tells children that you can boogie even while riding a bike safely. American musicians Tom [read more]

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Music To Draw To: Satellite

Music To Draw To:

Kid Koala Featuring Emiliana Torrini - Music To Draw To: Satellite - LP Vinyl Album

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All-Time Favorite Dances

All-Time Favorite

Everyone loves a winner, and these dances have won our hearts for years! If you are looking for the perfect way to add fun to your parties, this is the way to go. No partners needed to add movement and excitement to any day. Be sure to add All Time Favorite Dances to your music collection at home, to school activities, get togethers and more! East dance steps are featured in a guide offering instructions and lyrics.

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Dance Party Fun

Dance Party Fun

Let's have a party! Kids love these upbeat songs, that will get their feet moving! -- especially when the steps are so easy to learn. Energize your family and friends, your classroom or activity center, and everyone will have a great time. Our guide, offering choreographed steps, makes it easy to be part of the party. Lyrics included.

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Kids Love To: Dance, Sing & Play 3cd Box Set

Kids Love To: Dance, Sing & Play 3cd Box

Kids Love To Dance: Healthy and happy kids love to dance and this great selection of twenty kids favourites will keep them moving all day long. Kids Love to Sing and this collection of twenty traditional favourites will provide hours of fun sing-a-long entertainment. Kids Love To Play and this collection of twenty favourites will keep them happy for hour after hour.

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Buzz Buzz

Buzz Buzz

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25 Sunday School Songs Kids Love to Sing

25 Sunday School Songs Kids Love to

25 Sunday School Songs Kids Love to Sing

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Yo Gabba Gabba: Music Is Awesome

Yo Gabba Gabba: Music Is

Yom Gabber Gabi's first full-length CD, Music is Awesome! features the Yom Gabber ! signature mix of eclectic musical genres that will keep parents, preschoolers and fans on their feet throughout the generous 21-song set. It includes our favorite Jams Party in My Tummy, I Like to Dance, and Get the Sillies Out along with our Super Music Friends' songs from the Roots, the Shins and others! So grab a copy, put it in your CD player and dance around the house in your jammies! Songs include Party in My Tummy, It's Okay, Try Again, I Like to Dance, Robot Dancing, Get the Sillies Out, Biz's Beat of the Day #1, Nice 'n Clean, Try It, You'll Like It, Lovely, Love My Family, Don't Be Afraid, Just Because It's Different Doesn't Mean Scary, Bubbles, Brush, Brush, Brush, Nice & Easy, Hey, Won't Somebody Come and Play, Go Crazy (remix), Your Can't Always Get What You Want, Bedtime Lullaby, Goodbye Song, Yom Gabber ! Closing Theme, Freeze Game, Listen and Electric Energy. 21 song collection

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Prelude To A Grand Love Story

Prelude To A Grand Love

Prelude To A Grand Love Story by Kid Loco

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Baby Signing Time Volume 1 DVD

Baby Signing Time Volume 1

The Baby Signing Time Series combines clever songs, animation, and real signing babies - all age two and under - to make signing easy and fun. Baby Signing Time is a great first step into signing. Or, add Baby Signing Time to your existing Signing Time collection for more reinforcement for those beginning signs and additional songs. Created specifically for babies as young as 3 months old up to 3 years, yet fun for the whole family! Features host Rachel Coleman, along with animated Baby Alex, Baby Leah, and Baby Hopkins. Baby Signing Time Volume 1 sets your baby's day to music as you learn signs for everyday events in baby's life: eating, family, pets, and more. Available only on DVD. Close-Captioned. Approximate run time: 30 minutes plus special features. Note: This is the Baby Signing Time Volume 1 DVD only. Baby Signing Time Volume 1 includes the following songs: * Baby Signing Time Theme * Eat & Drink * Mom Has a Mom * Diaper Dance * More, More, More * The Pets I Love * A Hard Day * It's Baby Signing Time Special Features Sign Review - Welcome To Baby Signing Time! - Getting Started - FAQ: Rachel's Color Coded Fingers - Sneak Preview of Vol. 2 - Rachel Signing: It's Baby Signing Time! - Rachel Signing: Theme Song. ASL Signs ASL signs taught in this DVD: Eat - Drink - Cracker - Water - Cereal - Milk - Banana - Juice - Finished - Mom - Grandma - Dad - Grandpa - Diaper - Potty - More - Bird - Fish - Cat - Dog - Horse - Frog - Hurt - Where. And if you pay close attention, you ll also see and learn these additional signs: Baby - Signing - Time - Many - Love - New - Sweet - Spirit - Talent - Dreams - I Love You (ily) - Now - Special - Car.

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