NOW Disney

NOW Disney

2012 collection from the enormously successful NOW brand. This compilation features some of Disney's most popular musical moments including original recordings from The Lion King, Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs, Toy Story, Tangled, The Little Mermaid, Pinocchio and many more! All your favorite Disney hits in one magical place!

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Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451

  • Brand: Ray Bradbury
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Count, Add, Subtract! Fun with Math, Music, and Movement

Count, Add, Subtract! Fun with Math, Music, and

A colorful variety of musical styles make basic addition and subtraction facts easy to learn. The songs strike a balance between problem solving and memorization with an emphasis on developing mathematical thinking skills. Each song focuses on a skill or problem solving strategy including counting forward and backward, adding and subtracting one, doubles facts, doubles plus one, skip counting, combinations that equal ten, and fact families. By learning key strategies children can quickly answer basic facts through reason and logic while developing a deeper understanding of mathematics. Ultimately, the strategies help children memorize the facts. This album is useful for a wide range of ages from pre-school to third grade. The songs are designed for both group and individualized learning. They are effective in a variety of situations from one child in the home or car to a school classroom setting.

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  • Brand: Educational Activities
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There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books!

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some

There was an old lady who's ready for school!That lovely old lady has returned just in time for the first day of school. Now she's swallowing items to make the very best of her first day back. And just in time for the bus... With rhyming text and funny illustrations, this lively version of the classic song will appeal to young readers with every turn of the page--a fun story for the first day of school!

  • Brand: Cartwheel Books
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kids songs

kids songs

  • Brand: ptmmlapps
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A Celebration of Black History Through Music

A Celebration of Black History Through

Introduce your students to the rich history of African-American music with ''A Celebration of Black History through Music''…from spirituals to hip-hop. Featuring some of the most important musicians of each style of music covered, ''A Celebration of Black History through Music'' highlights how the roots of African-American music can be traced from the slave songs of the 1700s through hip-hop music of the 1970s and 80s, and demonstrates how this music has influenced and shaped the music of the world. Words alone will not do justice to any of the music described in this book. An enhanced CD containing audio examples of the featured music styles is included to allow your students to hear the music in the lessons. In addition, a discography, reproducible worksheets, extension activities, and a complete PowerPoint presentation are all included for use with your class.

  • Brand: Lorenz
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Celtic Dreamland

Celtic Dreamland

Celtic music has long been known for both its danceable jigs and reels and its tranquil, beautiful melodies. Putumayo Kids focuses on the softer side of Celtic music, harvested from the rich musical traditions of Ireland, Scotland, eastern Canada and beyond. Celtic Dreamland features songs that are perfect for the slumbering child, meditating mom and dad or the weary worker desperate for a little quiet relaxation. The artists on Celtic Dreamland include some of the most renowned Celtic musicians in the world. Karen Matheson, widely recognized as the haunting vocals of Scottish super-group Capercaillie, contributes the lilting "An Fhideag Airgid" (The Silver Whistle). With family roots in Cape Breton, a Canadian island on the Atlantic Ocean coast, Mary Jane Lamond's childhood was steeped in the region's strong Scottish heritage, and it's not surprising that she fell in love with Gaelic music. "Cagaran Gaolach" (Loveable Little Darling) is a classic lullaby from this rich tradition. The incomparable Scottish singer-songwriter Dougie MacLean provides the aptly-titled "Goodnight and Joy," and Seamus Egan, from the well-known Irish-American group Solas, adds the lovely "When Juniper Sleeps." Other well-known artists featured on Celtic Dreamland include Irish harpist Áine Minogue, who has entertained presidents and prime ministers. The versatile Irish musician Susan McKeown has a distinct talent for making the music her own, whether she's performing solo or alongside Malian griots, Mariachi musicians or other international collaborators. Scotland native Mairi Mac Innes, Scottish duo The Cast and Irish songstress Lasairfhíona Ní Chonaolaput add the finishing touches to this soothing release.

  • Brand: Putomayo World
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Here Come The 123s

Here Come The 123s

  • Brand: Disney Sound
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Pete the Cat Set (Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes, Pete the Cat Rocking in My School Shoes, and Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons) by Eric Litwin (2013) Paperback

Pete the Cat Set (Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes, Pete the Cat Rocking in My School Shoes,

Pete is one unflappable cat. Whether the buttons of his favorite shirt keep popping off or he's going to school for the first time, Pete never loses his cool. No matter what little surprises come his way, his motto is: "It's all good." And he usually has a catchy song to sing as he goes through his day! Originally, Pete was a black cat adopted by the artist James Dean. Inspired by his new pet, Dean created a series of paintings starring Pete, painted blue instead of black. When fellow Georgia resident Eric Litwin discovered the paintings at an art gallery, he just knew that he wanted to create a picture book with Pete the Cat. Add one bouncy song and some awesome shoes, and the sing-along, read-aloud phenomenon was born! Loved by parents, teachers, and kids alike, Pete the Cat stories are now available as picture books and early readers.


Some of My Best Friends Are DJs

Some of My Best Friends Are

As his alter-ego, "Kid Koala," might suggest, Eric San applies a joyous childlike vision to his music on Some of My Best Friends Are DJs. Following turns with Money Mark, Deltron 3030, and Lovage, Canada's cheekiest mixologist defied weighty expectations with his beguiling debut album, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Three years later, and Kid Koala has retained his youthful verve. Packaged with a 52-page, self-penned comic and a travel chess kit, Some of My Best Friends Are DJs offers less in the way of music, with the 35-minute running time meaning the restless sonic snippets wisely end before his humor has a chance to grate. Mixing sleazy whisky-bar vibes with adolescent antics, his second album never allows the listener to settle. Moments of playful mixing magic are at times followed by baffling inanity as "Skanky Panky"--with its wonderfully shattered Ska rhythm and frantic scratches--runs into "Flu Season", ostensibly a series of beat-accompanied coughs, sneezes, and sniffs. Blending blues, jazz, and funk with a myriad of bizarre samples, moments of pure eccentric genius such as "Robochacha" and "More Dance Music" make this a flawed yet fascinating slice of beat-driven bravura. --Christopher Barrett

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