Australian Shiraz (World Vineyard)

Australian Shiraz (World

Australian Shiraz (World Vineyard) - Makes 6 Gallons. Australian Shiraz (World Vineyard), Country of origin - Canada, Manufacturer name - World Vineyard.

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: World Vineyard
  • ASIN: B0064EU3HQ
  • UPC: 798235739832

"LIMITED SUPPLY" Shiraz Wooded Non-Alcoholic Wine

"LIMITED SUPPLY" Shiraz Wooded Non-Alcoholic

Made with Shiraz grapes Hint of Strawberries without the Alcohol taste and side effects. O% Alcohol - No added sugars or dyes!! Wooded Non-Alcoholic Wine

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: INAH

Shiraz Fontana Wine Making Kit, 30 bottles (750ml/each)

Shiraz Fontana Wine Making Kit, 30 bottles

Fontana Hand Crafted Wine Kits - 5.2 Lt. - produces 23 litres in as little as 4 weeks. These kits produces outstanding quality wines with distinctive flavours, bouquet and character using only the highest quality varietal grape juices and premium concentrates.

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Fontana Hand Crafted Kits

St. Regis Shiraz non alcoholic (Pack of 2)

St. Regis Shiraz non alcoholic (Pack of

Tasting notes from our sommelier: Raspberry pink in colour, the St. Regis Shiraz Rosé boasts a medium nose exuding a fragrant blend of fruity aromas including cassis, strawberry, and melon. This light-bodied wine delivers a lively acidity and a well-rounded palate. You will be charmed by its intense mouthfeel that leads into a long finish. Grape variety 100% selected Shiraz grapes ColourRaspberry pink Degree of alcoholLess than 0.5% Sugar content4% ORIGINS South of France FLAVOURS Acidity: Balanced and aromatic; features a perfect dose of 8g of tartaric acid Sugar perception: Delicately sweet at 4% Tannins: Remarkably light Texture: Lean Body: Medium-bodied

  • Brand: St. Regis
  • ASIN: B0779PZLV4

Wildberry Shiraz (Island Mist)

Wildberry Shiraz (Island

Wild berry Shiraz (Island Mist) - Makes 6 Gallons, Makes 6 gallons, Taste blueberries, strawberries and blackberries, Alcohol: 6.5% - 7%, Country of origin - Canada, Manufacturer name - Midwest Homebrewing and Winemaking Supplies.

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Island Mist
  • ASIN: B0064O9I72

Shiraz Kit - Master Vintner Winemaker's Reserve Wine Making Recipe Kits - Ingredients for making 6 gallons of Homemade Wine

Shiraz Kit - Master Vintner Winemaker's Reserve Wine Making Recipe Kits - Ingredients for making 6 gallons of Homemade

Master VintnerTM wants you to be a great winemaker. We start with top grapes from the world's best wine regions and dedicate ourselves to quality at every level: winemaking, processing, packaging and shipping, to bring the finest wines right to your glass. But wine isn't made in a winery or a packaging facility; wine is 'sunlight held together by water', and great vineyards, warm sunshine, and deep, good soil produces the grapes for Master Vintner Wine kits, so you can make wines you'll love and be proud to share with family and friends. Master VintnerTM Winemaker's ReserveTM Wine Recipe Kits make 6 gallons of delicious wine. Ripe, full and concentrated, this wine bursts with aromas of blackberry, notes of black cherry and blueberry and an assured spiciness. Master Vintner Shiraz makes 6 gallons of earthy, rich, velvety red wine with flavors of black fruits hints of bittersweet chocolate, plums, black cherries and blackberries that linger on to a long finish. Serve with rich, flavorful dishes like osso buco, roast lamb, traditional Hungarian goulash, or for a purely American treat, Carolina pulled pork or Texas brisket, or for culinary adventurers, red wine braised octopus. Shiraz isn't just a meat-eating wine though: try it with Puy lentils braised with mushrooms and root vegetables for a savory, satisfying meal. Serve slightly cool (65F) to keep the tannins firm and the fruit lush--and even if you're not doing a food pairing, try it with a piece of bittersweet chocolate. You'll be amazed at how well they go together!

  • Brand: Master Vintner
  • ASIN: B01N6X0CVL

Wine Lovers Wine Making Kits (Wildberry Shiraz)

Wine Lovers Wine Making Kits (Wildberry

All grape juice concentrates are sterilized and asceptically packaged Requires fermentation equipment(not included) Makes 6 gallons (23 lt.) of the finest quality varietal Fruit Wine or 30 x 750 ml Bottles All the aromas are completely natural; no artificial flavors added

  • Brand: Wine Lovers
  • ASIN: B01G5X7SWI
  • UPC: 776982521061

Selection International Australian Shiraz

Selection International Australian

Selection International Australian Shiraz Ready in 6 weeks The grape that was made for Down Under - its hot climate perfec for bringing out the best traits in this popular grape varietal. Australian Shiraz is seductively delicious, with startlingly rich, ripe aromas that deliver right through to the full zesty finish. Amazingly, the style allows for polished tannins early, so the young wine is not rough or harsh. The aged version retains the core fruit flavours of plums, cherries and blackberries, but gains extra polish. Pair this Shiraz with flavourful meals! Sweetness: DRY Body: MEDIUM - FULL Oak Intensity: HEAVY Winexpert's Selection International Wine Series sources SELECTION PREMIUM WINE KITS - WHITE Selection Premium Wine Kits contain 15 liters of 100% pure product from the world's great wine producing nations. The premium 15 liter wine kits showcase the styles that made each varietal juice and varietal grape concentrate, with perfectly balanced pH, acid and tannin levels. The large volume of pure region famous. Due to the timing of the various regional harvest seasons and the availability of product meeting grape juice in the blend provides more of the subtle characteristics than grape concentrate alone. Certain kits Winexpert's stringent quality control standards, varieties are available as supply dictates. They are packaged in an contain "F-packs" or finishing packs designed to enhance flavor and round out sweetness in those styles which require aseptic, nitrogen purged bag placed in a very attractive outer box. Each kit makes 6 gallons.

  • Brand: winexpert
  • UPC: 629181046081

WINEEXPERT B0064CXX5W FBA_Does Not Apply Shiraz (Vintner's Reserve)

WINEEXPERT B0064CXX5W FBA_Does Not Apply Shiraz (Vintner's

Cabernet Sauvignon/ merlot (selection original)., highly durable Product with long shelf life, manufactured in Canada.

  • Color: Red
  • ASIN: B07258XPKQ

Vintner's Reserve Shiraz 10L Wine Kit

Vintner's Reserve Shiraz 10L Wine

Australia's own "big red" entry on the world stage. Blackberry fruit, spice and Nicaraguan estate chocolate leap from the glass within a firm structure that keeps it together beautifully. A stunning, mouth-filling, dark and delicious treat.

  • Brand: winexpert