Flour + Water: Pasta

Flour + Water:

An elevated guide to the craft of pasta-making by rising star chef Thomas McNaughton of San Francisco's hottest Italian restaurant, flour + water. Chef Thomas McNaughton shares his time-tested secrets to creating simple, delicious, and beautiful artisan pasta—from the best fresh doughs to shaping and cooking every type of pasta. A true celebration of Italy’s pasta traditions, flour + water includes fifty seasonally influenced recipes for home cooks of every skill level. The recipes cover the flavor spectrum from well-loved classics to inventive combinations, such as Tagliatelle Bolognese; Pumpkin Tortelloni with Sage and Pumpkin Seeds; Tomato Farfalle with Chicken Polpettine, Roasted Peppers, and Basil; and Asparagus Caramelle with Brown Butter. With guidance from McNaughton and the secrets of flour + water’s dough room, anyone can learn to make amazing pasta at home.

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Keys to Good Cooking: A Guide to Making the Best of Foods and Recipes

Keys to Good Cooking: A Guide to Making the Best of Foods and

The answers to many kitchen conundrums in one easy-to-use volume, from the author of the acclaimed culinary bible On Food and Cooking. From our foremost expert on the science of cooking, Harold McGee, Keys to Good Cooking is a concise and authoritative guide designed to help home cooks navigate the ever-expanding universe of ingredients, recipes, food safety, and appliances, and arrive at the promised land of a satisfying dish. A work of astounding scholarship and originality, Keys to Good Cooking directly addresses the cook at work in the kitchen and in need of quick and reliable guidance. Cookbooks past and present frequently contradict one another about the best ways to prepare foods, and many contain erroneous information and advice. Keys to Good Cooking distills the modern scientific understanding of cooking and translates it into immediately useful information. Looking at ingredients from the mundane to the exotic, McGee takes you from market to table, teaching, for example, how to spot the most delectable asparagus (choose thick spears); how to best prepare the vegetable (peel, don't snap, the fibrous ends; broiling is one effective cooking method for asparagus and other flat-lying vegetables); and how to present it (coat with butter or oil after cooking to avoid a wrinkled surface). This book will be a requisite countertop resource for all home chefs, as McGee's insights on kitchen safety in particular-reboil refrigerated meat or fish stocks every few days. (They're so perishable that they can spoil even in the refrigerator.); Don't put ice cubes or frozen gel packs on a burn. (Extreme cold can cause additional skin damage)-will save even the most knowledgeable home chefs from culinary disaster. A companion volume to recipe books, a touchstone that helps cooks spot [read more]

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The Hot Sauce Book: Recipes for Making Your Own Hot Sauces and Cooking With Them

The Hot Sauce Book: Recipes for Making Your Own Hot Sauces and Cooking With

Want to learn how to make your own signature hot sauces that will blow your friends and family away? Well, this is the book for you. Simple, easy to follow recipes for whipping up your own hot sauces as well as a whole host of recipes for cooking with your new homemade sauces. If you love hot sauce you will love this book. Not only is it packed full of hot sauce recipes, it’s also got alcohol infused sauces, garlic infused sauces and fruity sauces with a hot twist. Learn the techniques behind making world famous sauces and never buy them at the store again. Make your own signature sauces and then follow the simple breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes so that you are never short of meal ideas again. Every recipe is simplified, with all the confusing culinary terms removed, so that anyone can follow along. Plus, when you buy the book I've got an awesome free gift for you that is the perfect complement to the hot sauce book. So get out the peppers, spices and pans because we are going to dive into the world of homemade signature hot sauces. Enjoy. Sarah Sophia

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The Complete Book of Pasta: The Definative Guide to Choosing, Making and Cooking Your Own Pasta, with Over 350 Step-by-Step Recipes and Over 1500 Fabulous Photographs by Jeni Wright (2016-02-29)

The Complete Book of Pasta: The Definative Guide to Choosing, Making and Cooking Your Own Pasta, with Over 350 Step-by-Step

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You Can Make Your Own Pasta (A beginner's guide to making fresh pasta) (You Can Make Your Own...)

You Can Make Your Own Pasta (A beginner's guide to making fresh pasta) (You Can Make Your

Delicious, simple, and fun. Ever wanted to try your hand at making some fresh pasta at home? This book, now available in seconds on your ebook reader, takes you through the simple steps required to become confident making pasta from scratch. Also included are variations to help the creative juices flow once you have mastered the basic recipe, some ideas on ways to cut pasta, and four simple and delicious sauces to accompany your fresh pasta.Let Johanna take you through the steps like an old friend: she speaks with an easy to read, conversational tone that relaxes readers and lets them unlock their hidden cooking potential.Go on, rise to the challenge and be rewarded with a tasty meal and a new skill!Testimonials:"I didn't realise that making pasta was something I could do with ingredients in the fridge. I'm not the best cook so it was nice to be able to follow the instructions easily and my boyfriend said the pasta was the best he's ever tried - better than restaurants!" - Lauren, Australia"I made the pasta recipe with one of the suggested sauces (the goats cheese one) for a second date. I think the girl was pretty impressed and it didn't even take me very long. I'll be bringing out my pasta again in the future I think." - Matt, Australia


Understanding Italian Pasta and Sauce - Making Pasta from Scratch and Cooking Classical Italian Pasta Dishes (a short recipe guide and unconventional cookbook)

Understanding Italian Pasta and Sauce - Making Pasta from Scratch and Cooking Classical Italian Pasta Dishes (a short recipe guide

When most people think of Italian cooking they think of pasta. Sitting down at an Italian restaurant to eat a big steaming bowl of pasta soaked in a rich marinara or cheese sauce has become a classic American comfort food.It’s very tempting to want to make the same pasta dishes at home. People who take that first step often start at the grocery store looking at a box of dried pasta and a jar of thin, over salted sauce. Following the recipe on the side of the jar usually falls short of expectations. At the same time, for the average American home cook the idea of making pasta and sauce from scratch can feel like a tall mountain to climb.These days the knee jerk reaction is to turn to the internet for help. Unfortunately, what you usually find with an internet search is an ingredient list and instructions that are an eloquent way of saying “Just dump everything together and stir.” To really honor a dish and understand the process you need to get your hands on it and build some authentic experience.In some of my other books I tell the story of how I grew up at the apron strings of my adopted Italian Grandma. She was born in Naples Italy and immigrated to America after World War Two where she ran an Italian Restaurant. She and her husband retired just a few weeks before I was born and agreed to take care of me while my Mother worked double shifts. I called them Grandma and Papa.I grew up eating classic Italian dishes as well as new American tweaks on the Italian food that was so popular in American restaurants through the 60’s 70’s and 80’s. After Grandma and Papa died I dedicated myself to learning how to recreate the classical Italian dishes of my childhood. Some people think of their childhood favorites and Grandma’s cooking as being chicken noodle soup and fresh bak [read more]

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The Pasta Cookbook First Edition Hardcover copy Jeni Wright

The Pasta Cookbook First Edition Hardcover copy Jeni

The Pasta Cookbook First Edition Hardcover copy by Jeni Wright. The definitive Guide to choosing, cooking and even making your own pasta, with over 350 tried-and-tested recipes Jeni Wright is a highly respected culinary expert and food writer. Her specialty is the food of Italy, but she has penned dozens of articles on a wide range of cooking subjects for the top food and drink magazines as well as being a member of the Guild of Food Writers. Her many published works include Italian Food and Cooking (also from Lorenz Books); Le Cordon Bleu's Complete Cooking Techniques, and Le Cordon Bleu Classic Light (both Cassell Illustrated).

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Homemade Italian Pasta

Homemade Italian

Learn to make traditional Italian pasta from scratch with step-by-step instruction from cookbook author and award-winning cooking instructor Giuliano Hazan.Giuliano, son of famed Italian cookbook author Marcella Hazan, carries on his family’s teaching tradition in the Craftsy kitchen, showing you how to make, roll out, cut, fill and cook authentic fresh egg pasta.    What You’ll Learn To make pasta dough from scratch To cut fresh noodles by hand and by machine  How to mix traditional Italian pasta fillings How to fill and shape tortelloni, cappelletti and ravioli How to create artful shapes like farfalle and garganelli  How to perfectly cook pasta and pair your fresh noodles with the right sauce   What You’ll Make Egg pasta dough and a green (spinach) pasta variation Fresh noodles such as pappardelle, fettuccine, tagliatelle, tagliolini, angel hair and maltagliati  Tortelloni with ricotta-parsley filling Meat-filled cappelletti Ravioli with swiss chard filling   What You’ll Love Mastering authentic, homemade Italian pasta with an expert chef and bestselling cookbook author Cutting noodles—pappardelle, fettuccine, tagliatelle and more—by hand and by machine Create artful shapes like farfalle and garganelli, and stuffed pasta such as ravioli, tortelloni, and cappelletti Giuliano’s extensive knowledge of Italian food, regions and traditions Cooking along with a master chef from the first family of Italian cuisine in your kitchen Step-by-step instruction that guides you through making a variety of pastas Four downloadable, printable recipes and a supply list Incorporating time-honored Italian cooking techniques, textures and tastes in all your pasta dishesWhat you get: 7 HD video lessons with anytime, anywhere access Downloadable class materials, including pa [read more]

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Brew It Yourself: Make Your Own Wine, Beer, and Other Concoctions

Brew It Yourself: Make Your Own Wine, Beer, and Other

A home brew revolution is underway. No longer the preserve of 70s throwbacks, a new wave of booze-makers are brewing, fermenting and infusing in their home kitchens, making an exciting array of alcoholic drinks.Brew it Yourself is a collection of more than 75 homegrown brewing recipes, sure to put a fizz back into this popular pastime by adding a modern twist to some old favourites and introducing whole new range of drinks to tantalise the taste buds. Combining two of their passions alcohol and gardening authors Richard Hood and Nick Moyle (the Two Thirsty Gardeners) take special care to explain the importance of the ingredients in each of their recipes whether grown in the garden, foraged in the wild or bought from their local supermarket. With drinks ranging from a classic elderflower sparkle to homemade absinthe, Richard and Nick bring the art of brewing back to earth. They'll tell you how to turn surplus fruit harvests into amazing wines and liqueurs; introduce you to the ancient arts of mead and cider making; guide you through some easy beer recipes, from hop packed IPAs to a striking Viking ale; use surprising ingredients such as lavender and nettles for some fun sparkling drinks; and take you on a world booze cruise that includes a Mexican pineapple tepache, Scandinavian mulled glogg and Finnish lemon sima. Brew it Yourself also debunks myths, celebrates experimentation and takes the fear out of the science of fermentation. It proves that creating your own tasty alcoholic drinks doesn't need to be complicated, doesn't need to be costly and, most importantly, can be a whole lot of fun.

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Pasta Recipes Cookbook: The Ultimate Guide to Making Healthy Pasta and Pasta by Hand

Pasta Recipes Cookbook: The Ultimate Guide to Making Healthy Pasta and Pasta by

You will never come across another pasta recipes cookbook that can give you everything you need to make healthy pasta each and every time than this book. The Pasta Recipes Cookbook: The Ultimate Guide to Making Healthy Pasta and Pasta By Hand teaches you everything that you need to know to make healthy pasta more so than any other pasta recipes cookbook that you will find and how to make pasta by hand so you can become the Italian master that you have always wanted to become.Making pasta by hand does not need to be a difficult process. With this book you will have all of the knowledge and tools necessary to make delicious and healthy pasta recipes and make you the master chef of your household.

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