Poor Boy's Christmas with Bonus Book The Greatest Gift (Mail Order Brides of Texas 5)

Poor Boy's Christmas with Bonus Book The Greatest Gift (Mail Order Brides of Texas

Poor Boy's ChristmasIt’s Christmas in Asherville, Texas and Poor Boy finally comes home. He’s no longer the waif we grew to love; he is very much a man now. As the stage coach approaches his beloved town he spots Sheriff Shane O’Conner riding off after a pair of bank robbers. Poor Boy, the new deputy quickly finds a horse and races after them. One of the robbers is killed and to his surprise the other outlaw is a beautiful young woman. Molly McDonagh is heartbroken, the last of her family is dead. Now she’s in jail waiting to hang. Bounty hunters soon come to see if she is another wanted female outlaw and Shane decides Poor Boy needs to take his prisoner to a ranch where they can hide out as brother and sister.How can something as sweet and wonderful as love be so very painful? Loving someone you know is going to swing from a rope is agony. Poor Boy knows Christmas is a time for miracles but he’s never experienced one before. Can he truly give away his heart to someone who has no future? Can living for the moment be uplifting or is it sheer heartbreak? The Greatest GiftUpon hearing screams, handsome rancher, Foster O’Donnell races to his barn and finds a stranger giving birth. When he tells her his name, she screams he can’t be Foster O’Donnell. Foster O’Donnell is the father of her baby. Can Christmas change their mutual distrust? Will Foster and Ginger find The Greatest Gift?


Estelle's Christmas Gift: Sweet Holiday Mail Order Bride

Estelle's Christmas Gift: Sweet Holiday Mail Order

Things are changing too fast in Estelle’s life. When her mother’s unexpected death brings her to the doorstep of Jared Bradford, she holds on to the thought of him to cope with the rest. Jared is cold, arrogant and distant, but his eyes give him away every time. Estelle reads what Jared is hiding so well from the world; his soft side. With all the bad things happening around her, being with Jared is stitching her wounds back, along with building emotions she has never encountered before.The last thing Jared want is to let another woman walk into his life and play with his heart. He is perfectly content with his current arrangement of living an introverted life and protecting himself from any heartbreak. When he finds Estelle barely alive near his house, he couldn’t help the spark of life in his heart that he had caged long time ago. Those innocent eyes and pure soul manage to walk past every barrier that he has built around him.He can’t let her come close, but the thought of letting her go is unbearable.He could let his past experiences define his present, but what if Estelle is the best thing to happen to him?Jared is afraid to get hurt again and Estelle is over the moon with the way her feelings are developing for him. They both have their own battles to fight; Estelle from her sorrows, and Jared from his past. Will the love between them overcome the rest?

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Christmas Bride: A Gift For Geoffrey (Brides For All Seasons Vol.2 Book 3)

Christmas Bride: A Gift For Geoffrey (Brides For All Seasons Vol.2 Book

A single father with a deaf small daughter longs for an answer to his Christmas prayer – a bride who will love him, and who can communicate with and love his little girl. He decides to advertise for a mail order bride who knows sign language.Julie Tucker is amazed when the worst thing that could happen to a teacher, losing her voice completely, turns to be the pathway to a new career and a new calling.It seems that they are perfectly matched, except for one thing that stands resolutely in their way – Claudia, a young lady with designs on Geoffrey.Brides For All Seasons Vol. II is a beautiful historical holiday romance series. Each book in the collection is a standalone story designed to warm your heart with seasonal love and romantic adventure.


Maddie's Christmas Miracle: Holiday Mail Order Bride Romance

Maddie's Christmas Miracle: Holiday Mail Order Bride

Maddie is a widow who is struggling with the past. She lost her husband and her child both to scarlet fever around the holidays a few years ago, and she has never forgiven the world for what happened to her. She has become a recluse, and only wants to be left alone, but the need for money drives her out into the world. When she loses the only job she could find in months, Maddie knows she has to think of something, and fast, or she’s going to end up on the streets in the middle of winter.Out of desperation, she becomes a mail-order bride and heads to the plains of Wyoming. She marries a man who is kind and sweet, and reminds her of her husband. But, her new groom seems to hold a secret that she can't uncover, and she begins to become suspicious of him.Then, when they are given a life-changing surprise, Maddie must fight to hang on to everything she loves and holds dear. With Christmas just around the corner, Will Maddie recover and learn to love again, or is she doomed to a life full of misery?


Natalie's New Beginning: Mail Order Bride

Natalie's New Beginning: Mail Order

All Natalie Connor ever wanted was to be free of a life that suffocated her very heart—a life of wealth, fancy parties, and expensive dresses. Yet Natalie fears leaving the safety of wealth and power. After agreeing to marry a wealthy rancher, she leaves her home in Atlanta on very bad terms with her mother, who believes her daughter is making a horrible mistake. Natalie ignores her mother’s warnings and rushes west like a crippled bird struggling to fly. Natalie is soon thrust into a deadly adventure that begins to test her heart. When the stagecoach she is riding is ambushed by a deadly gang, she suddenly falls into the sight of death. But when a strange gunman appears out of nowhere and saves her life, Natalie becomes captivated by the man. Yet she remains distant and cold and focused on marrying the wealthy rancher. However, when she becomes trapped in a watering town by a deadly killer, Natalie once again finds herself at the mercy of the strange gunman, saving her life and teaching her about redemption. Will Natalie continue her journey and marry for money, or will she follow her heart and listen to God, while finding redemption and closure to a deep pain consuming her very soul?

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Stephen's Thanksgiving Bride: Sweet Holiday Mail Order Bride

Stephen's Thanksgiving Bride: Sweet Holiday Mail Order

When Emeline lost her mother, she lost her whole world, made worse when her father sent her away to live with his brother. She knew all too well that without her mother to keep her out of sight and mind, she was a constant reminder of the son he never had. Now, with her mother gone, Emeline wondered if she even had a reason to go on.No one could have guessed that it would be the Stephen Du Morney, a rakish Frenchman with the charm of a scoundrel who would remind her that there is still joy in life, still friendship and love in the world, even after you have lost everything you hold dear. While preparing for the feast of Thanksgiving, Emeline is introduced to Du Morney, another outsider who sees something in the beautiful, damaged girl he can’t resist and in return, sparks attraction the innocent young woman has never experienced before.The unexpected love of Du Morney, begins to heal Emmaline’s broken heart, and gives her hope that her new home will be her happily ever after.

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Mail Order Bride: The Christmas Gift: Clean and Wholesome Christmas Romance (A Wyoming Mail Order Bride Holiday Book 1)

Mail Order Bride: The Christmas Gift: Clean and Wholesome Christmas Romance (A Wyoming Mail Order Bride Holiday Book

Read this sweet and clean Christmas story for free on Kindle Unlimited Naomi was lost. She was practically alone. She'd suffered for months since the fire took her family from her on Christmas Eve. Guilt and remorse were terrible companions.Then came the day when she knew she had to move forward. God had spared her for a reason. It was up to her to find her purpose and live God's plan for her life. She took a drastic step and went west to Wyoming to marry a rancher who was looking for a wife. When she arrives in Cheyenne just a few days before Christmas, she finds a man who was polite, but remote. She understood him perfectly when he told her was looking for a wife as basically a business partner. He didn't want love or romance. Nor did he want the muss and fuss of holiday celebrations.She realized that she wasn't willing to settle for a loveless marriage or a Christmas season with no celebration. She was afraid she'd decided these things too late. She was already in Cheyenne. What can she do now? Accept her fate? Take what she can get?Naomi decides she won't be just as alone in a marriage in Cheyenne as she was in Boston with no friends and a few family members. Find out how the Christmas gift she gives to Jackson softens him and changes him. God works in mysterious ways - especially at Christmas!Annie Boone writes clean, Christian romance. This Christmas story, The Christmas Gift is a sweet love story to celebrate the most magical of the seasons.

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Margaret's New Beginning: Holiday Mail Order Bride

Margaret's New Beginning: Holiday Mail Order

Margaret’s lived on her family’s Louisiana plantation her whole life. When her aunt Beatrice asks her to visit for the Christmas season, Margaret is thrilled and nervous. She’d only heard about the city from her cousin’s wild stories of famous criminals and prohibition raids that even Alma had never seen personally.Alma and aunt Beatrice introduce her to their dear friend, William, a restaurant owner hurt by the prohibition. To keep his restaurant alive, William opened a speak-easy behind a hidden door, and behind it, Margaret sees and falls in love with the world of jazz music and diversity, and is infatuated with the handsome man who teaches her to dance. When the police show up on New Year’s Eve, it falls upon Margaret to help keep the speak-easy hidden, when William is arrested. Touched by her selfless act of bravery, William kisses her into the New Year, the woman he has not only grown to love, but is proud to call his own lady of jazz.

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Abigail's Christmas Gift: A Mail Order Bride Holiday Romance

Abigail's Christmas Gift: A Mail Order Bride Holiday

Read This Historical Holiday Romance For FREE With Kindle Unlimited! Includes a Heartwarming Collection of 25 Clean Historical Mail Order Bride Stories!New York, 1870The year is 1870, and Abigail Copeland is a nurse in New York City who dreams of adventure and romance in a far away place. Her mother believes that all she really needs is a husband. So, when Abigail begins corresponding with a handsome young man from the West who is looking for a bride, it appears that both of their desires will be fulfilled.Samuel Merriweather recently became a widower, and his little son Tommy is suffering from an illness. It is feared that the child will not be able to survive, so when Samuel discovers that Abigail is a nurse as well as a lovely bride-to-be, he sends for her at once. As soon as the two tiny families are together, it is clear that all they needed was each other. From the hustle and bustle of New York to the comforting home life in Coos Bay, Oregon, Abigail Copeland realizes that love and adventure can be hers.This is a clean historical mail order bride holiday romance novella.Perfect for fans of the following genres: Mail Order Bride, Clean Romance, Western Romance, Historical Western Romance, Christian Romance, Clean and Wholesome Romance, Victorian Romance, Inspirational Romance, Holiday Romance, Christmas Romance

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Natalie's Thanksgiving Surprise: Holiday Mail Order Bride

Natalie's Thanksgiving Surprise: Holiday Mail Order

After finding out that her father's old enemy was intent on destroying the fortune left to her, Natalie McClure formulates a plan. Agreeing to marry Richard Crandall, a tough ranch owner in Nevada, she flees Boston before Thanksgiving with a careful plan tucked away in her mind. Upon arrival in Nevada, Natalie quickly learns that the man she has agreed to marry is a ruthless killer who is attempting to steal the land of small ranch owners through force, intimidation, threats, and murder. Meeting Duncan Andrews, a small ranch owner who is standing toe to toe against Richard Crandall and his hired guns, Natalie quickly falls in love against her own will. After the death of her mother at the age of ten, she stopped having faith in God and in life itself, depending on money for her happiness. But when she sees a poor ranch owner willing to sacrifice his own life to save the life of innocent people, Natalie learns that the money she was attempting to protect isn't as valuable as the man she has fallen in love with. Willing to sacrifice her own life, Natalie walks in a deadly battle and learns that faith and love overcome all things.