Real Life Kosher Cooking:family-friendly recipes for every day and special occasions.

Real Life Kosher Cooking:family-friendly recipes for every day and special

Hundreds of thousands of home cooks turn to Miriam Pascal s food site. They know that they will find recipes there for food that is wholesome yet elegant, adventurous yet doable - and fun! Thousands of her fans asked for it, and now, finally, here it is: Miriam's stunning collection of recipes for real life cooking- and real people.In Real Life Kosher Cooking Miriam shows us that you don't need hard-to-find ingredients or pricey equipment to make interesting food; all you need is a touch of passion, a dash of caring, and a hearty helping of creativity.Real Life Kosher Cooking: It's about creating delicious food for the life you live.Over 160 doable recipes you'll make again and againMouthwatering photo for every dishAccessible, easy-to-find ingredientsEasy-to-follow instructionsMenu suggestions for family and special occasions"Plan Ahead" and/or freezer tips for each recipePesach substitutions guideComprehensive Index

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PALEO KOSHER: 18 Easy Diet Cooking Recipes for Fast Weight Loss, Energy Boosting, and Better Health (+2nd FREE PALEO BOOK) (Paleo Cookbook, Kosher Cookbooks, Healthy Eating)

PALEO KOSHER: 18 Easy Diet Cooking Recipes for Fast Weight Loss, Energy Boosting, and Better Health (+2nd FREE PALEO BOOK)

+2nd FREE BONUS PALEO BOOK INCLUDED at the end of this book!★★★ Read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited! ★★★Do you follow the kosher laws but would also like to incorporate the principles of the Paleo diet? Are you looking for meals that are as delicious as they are healthy? Then this book is definitely the one that you are looking for!Gain access to a variety of recipes that follow both the rules of the Paleo and Kosher diets and only call for affordable, nutritious, and widely available ingredients. You will find recipes for Paleo Kosher soups, side dishes, and main courses with fish, beef, lamb, and poultry.Once you start following the Paleo Kosher diet, you will instantly experience feeling more satisfied after each meal. The nutrient-dense ingredients in every dish will give you the energy boost that you need to become productive. Stick to this diet and, along with regular exercise, you will soon notice that you are also shedding the excess weight.Now the question is, are you willing to stick to this diet for the rest of your life? Imagine having the energy that will get you through the day without resorting to snacking on junk food. Picture out yourself being stronger, healthier, and most importantly, happier because your body and mind are both well-nourished. Turn these images into a reality by following the Paleo Kosher diet consistently.Say goodbye to moments of distress when it comes to thinking about what to eat or serve on the table, because all you will have to do is choose a recipe from this book. So try one now!...also, don't forget to check your great FREE bonus book, "LIVING LIFE THE PALEO WAY", at the end of this book!Take action today and get this book! You'll be glad you did!Read on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device.

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Jerusalem: A Cookbook

Jerusalem: A

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Ottolenghi: The Cookbook

Ottolenghi: The

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The New Kosher

The New Kosher

Kosher cooking has been redefined for the modern family.  The New Kosher is filled with healthy recipes, exquisite flavors, and a fresh sensibility for the modern lifestyle. Emphasizing fast, easy, and delicious dishes for everyday meals and special occasions, this is your comprehensive guide to kosher cooking. Kim Kushner comes from a diverse foodie background and her easygoing, mix and match style has helped her redefine kosher cooking. With over 100 recipes from all over the world, there’s something for everyone in this unique cookbook. Looking for a modern twist on a traditional dish? Try Kim’s sticky date and caramel challah bread pudding, homemade challah with za’atar everything topping, 5-minute sundried tomato hummus or Mediterranean-inspired lentil, carrot and lemon soup.  Trying to find a new family favorite? Whip up some coconut- banana muffins with dark chocolate, penne with lemon zest, pine nuts and Parmesan “pesto”, easy dill chicken and stew or a crispy rice cake with saffron crust. Need a dessert everyone will love? You can’t go wrong with recipes like deconstructed s’mores, crunchy-chewy-nutty “health” cookies, miniature peanut butter cups and dark chocolate bark with rose petals, pistachios and walnuts. Warmly written with personal narratives and detailed nuance, Kim’s recipes reflect her experience as a generous instructor who loves to teach and a mom who cooks tasty and nourishing fare for a big family.

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The New Yiddish Kitchen: Gluten-Free and Paleo Kosher Recipes for the Holidays and Every Day

The New Yiddish Kitchen: Gluten-Free and Paleo Kosher Recipes for the Holidays and Every

Traditional Jewish Meals Made HealthierFrom two leaders in the Paleo cooking community, The New Yiddish Kitchen is a fresh and healthful take on a beloved food tradition. Packed with over 100 traditional Jewish foods plus bonus holiday menus, this book lets you celebrate the holidays and every day with delicious food that truly nourishes.Authors Simone Miller and Jennifer Robins have selected classic dishes―like matzo balls, borscht, challah, four different bagel recipes, a variety of deli sandwiches, sweet potato latkes, apple kugel, black & white cookies and more―all adapted to be grain-, gluten-, dairy- and refined sugar-free, as well as kosher. The book is a fun mix of new and old: modern with the whole-foods Paleo philosophy, and nostalgic with the cooking tips of Jewish grandmothers just like your own bubbe.So when you’re craving your favorite Jewish foods, don’t plotz! Simone and Jennifer have got you covered with simple recipes for delicious Yiddish dishes you can nosh on all year long.

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Keeping Kosher: A Diet for the Soul, Newly Revised (English and Hebrew Edition)

Keeping Kosher: A Diet for the Soul, Newly Revised (English and Hebrew

Newly revised guide based on A Guide to Observance by Seymour Siegel. An essay on the meaning of the dietary laws for our lives, followed by a practical guide to the observance of kashrut.

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South Beach Diet: The South Beach Diet Guide for Beginners With Complete Meal Plan & Delicious Recipes to Get Healthy and Lose Weight Fast (South Beach Diet Series Book 1)

South Beach Diet: The South Beach Diet Guide for Beginners With Complete Meal Plan & Delicious Recipes to Get Healthy

South Beach Diet Series Book #1The South beach diet is neither a low fat or low carb diet. Instead, it teaches the body to bank on the right fats and the right carbs. As an end result, you become more aware of what’s good and what’s not for your body. And, as you lose weight – somewhere between 8-13 pounds in the first phase alone - you also get healthy and learn to choose your food wisely.How do you do it?The South Beach Diet is simple.You’ll eat normal-size helpings of chicken, fish, meat, and shellfish.You eat your salads with mostly olive oil as dressing.You’ll eat plenty of vegetables, nuts, eggs, and cheese.You’ll eat 3 balanced meals a day.You’ll drink water, tea, coffee.Pretty simple, isn’t it? But, there are exceptions. In the next 14 days, you are NOT allowed to eat the following:No rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, and baked goodies.No fruits especially those with high amounts of sugar.No sweet treats: candies, cakes, cookies, ice cream, etc.No alcohol of any kind.If you’re the type of person who lives for rice, bread, pasta, and sweets, let me tell you something: You’re going to be amazed at how painlessly 2 weeks will pass without these forbidden food. It may be a bit challenging during the first 3 days, but once you get pass through it, you’ll be fine.The South Beach Diet may be new to you, but it has long been helping many people lose weight and keep it off for good.This book will show you how to do it complete with a list of meal plans and recipes. You may start on the South Beach Diet hoping to just lose the excess pounds. But, if you adopt it and stick to it, you will surely accomplish much more that your future, healthy self will thank you for.

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The Healthy Jewish Kitchen: Fresh, Contemporary Recipes for Every Occasion

The Healthy Jewish Kitchen: Fresh, Contemporary Recipes for Every

From Kosher classics to gourmet international dishes, this is Jewish soul food . . . finally made healthy! Too often, Jewish cookbooks still feature many recipes that lack whole grains and include too much salt, fat, sugar, and processed foods. But Paula Shoyer’s delicious take on Jewish cooking is different: she uses only natural ingredients and offers a fresh, nutrient-dense spin on every dish. Here you’ll find very little frying, and no margarine, frozen puff pastry, soup stocks and powders, and most jarred sauces. More than 60 recipes recipes include both Sephardic and Ashkenazy Jewish classics (Israeli Herb and Almond Salad, Sourdough Challah, Tzimmes Puree, Potato and Scallion Latkes, Schnitzel with Nut Crust) as well as American and international dishes that extend beyond the Jewish culinary world. In Shoyer’s words: “This book has food you’ll recognize, because you still want to feel connected to your ancestors’ kitchens, but I’ve made it more nutritious and often easier to make.”  The array of delicious international dishes includes: Arroz con Pollo with Brown Rice and Salsa Verde * Korean Bibimbap with Tofu * Bouillabaisse  *  Cambodian Spring Rolls with Lime Chili and Peanut Dipping Sauce *  Feijoada (Brazilian Cholent with Collard Greens and Farofa)  *  Fish Tacos with Cilantro Lime Rice *  Indian Barbecue Chicken * Japanese Lamb Chops  *  Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup  *  and much more!

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Diabetes Control and the Kosher Diet

Diabetes Control and the Kosher

softcover book

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