Kids Songs from Around the World

Kids Songs from Around the

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Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451

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Kids World Party

Kids World Party

In 1999, with the release of World Playground, Putumayo Kids established its children s music collections as passports to learning about the world s cultures. Kids World Party marks a return to these global roots with 12 fun, danceable songs accompanied by a multilingual (English, Spanish, French, German), child-friendly booklet that explores how children worldwide celebrate special occasions. The CD comes enclosed in a new eco-friendly package that uses no plastic.Artists featured on Kids World Party include famed Indian pop and Bollywood singer Lucky Ali, who contributes Kitni Haseen Zindagi, a song that celebrates life. South Africa s Sharon Katz and The Peace Train, whom Nelson Mandela appointed as a Cultural Ambassador of the nation, has thrilled international audiences with the beats and har¬monies of their music, and delights listeners with Sanalwami. Trinidadian children s musician Asheba, whose songs are featured on four other Putumayo Kids collections, contributes the calypso-infused Recess Time. Swiss singer Famara celebrates East African life in Swahili on Mambo Saana. Hawaiian singer Solanna pays a reg¬gae tribute to Willy Wonka in Oompa Loompa. Italy s Balentes, an all-female Sardinian group, contributes the play¬ful dance tune Cixiri (Chickpeas), while France s Pakita charms with Préparon-nous pour Faire la Fête (Let s Get Ready to Party). Representing Latin America is Mexican children s group Monedita de Oro with Nadie. The infec¬tious Afro-Cuban funk of Cuban-American band PALO! is heard on their song Quimbombó (Okra). Also featured on Kids World Party is bilingual (English-French) singer Will Stroet, an award-winning Canadian musi¬cian whose song Le boogie à vélo tells children that you can boogie even while riding a bike safely. American musicians Tom [read more]

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Kids Songs from Around the World [Clean]

Kids Songs from Around the World

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Songs from Around the World

Songs from Around the


Literacy Beginnings: A Prekindergarten Handbook

Literacy Beginnings: A Prekindergarten

For prekindergarten children, language and play are the major tools for learning about the world, and they are also the most important tools for early literacy learning. The three- or four-year-old who takes a memo pad and marker around to family members "to take orders" for dinner, like all young children, makes no distinction between play and reading and writing. It all involves curiosity, learning, discovery, and excitement. Watch an overview webinar! In their latest professional book, Gay Su Pinnell and Irene Fountas show you how to tap into young children's excitement to introduce them to the world of literacy in joyful, engaging ways. As with their Continuum of Literacy Learning for grades K-8, they provide detailed descriptions of language and literacy behaviors and understandings for teachers to notice, teach, and support, while offering practical strategies for the prekindergarten classroom. Full of resources like songs, rhymes, and finger plays, Literacy Beginnings also includes 35 ready-to-use lessons to introduce young children to reading and writing. Start reading now!

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We All Sing with the Same Voice

We All Sing with the Same

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The Wheels on the Bus Around the World: Favorite Preschool Songs From Around the World

The Wheels on the Bus Around the World: Favorite Preschool Songs From Around the

Join in and sing along with a host of much-loved songs and rhymes. The Wheels on the Bus Around the World includes: "The Wheels on the Bus", "London Bridge Is Falling Down", "Eenie Meenie Mackeracka", "Pop Goes the Weasel", "She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain", "Five Currant Buns", "Ten Fat Sausages", "Cockles and Mussels", "Frere Jacques", "Tom, Tom the Piper's Son", "Ring a Ring o' Roses", "Pussycat", "The Grand Old Duke of York", "Boys and Girls", "Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush", "Diddle Diddle Dumpling", "Polly Put the Kettle On", "Lavender's Blue", "Dance to Your Daddy", "A Sailor Went to Sea", "Sing a Song of Sixpence", "The Cuckoo", "Waltzing Matilda", and "Harry Whistle". Songs performed by Mark Meadows, Deryn Edwards, Michelle Durler, Robin Fritz, Susan Sheridan, Jimmy Hibbert, Sophie Aldred, and Richard Mitchley. Additional vocals by Dee, Charlotte, and Emily Owen. Music by Bernard Graham Shaw, Steven D. Jones, Glyn M. Owen, and Roger Davis.

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Canoe Song

Canoe Song

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Songs for Survival: Songs and Chants from Tribal Peoples Around the World

Songs for Survival: Songs and Chants from Tribal Peoples Around the

A spirited collection of songs and chants from tribal people all over the world depicts each culture's shared concerns for the Earth and its inhabitants and includes songs of harvest and hunt, birth and death, land and water, and animals and people.

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