Indian Basket Weaving

Indian Basket

The methods of Indian basket weaving explained in this excellent manual are the very ones employed by native practitioners of the craft. members of the Navajo School of Basketry have set down their secrets in clear and simple language, enabling even the beginner to create work that can rival theirs in grace, design, and usefulness.Beginning with basic techniques, choice of materials, preparation of the reed, splicing, the introduction of color, principles and methods of design, shaping the basket and weaves from many cultures, such as Lazy Squaw, Mariposa, Taos, Samoan, Klikitat, and Shilo, each accompanied by specific instructions. There are suggestions for the weaving of shells, beads, feathers, fan palms, date palms, and even pine needles, and recipes for the preparation of dyes.Examples of each type of basket are illustrated by photographs, often taken from more than one angle so that the bottom can be seen as well as the top and sides. Close-up photography of the various types of stitching, especially at the crucial stage of beginning the basket, is an invaluable aid to the weaver. In addition, the authors have provided line drawings which are exceptionally clear magnifications of the various weave patterns.Anyone who follows the lessons contained in this book will have a knowledge of basketry unattainable in any other way. They are so lucid and complete that the amateur as well as the experienced weaver will be able to manufacture baskets distinguishable from authentic native articles only in that they were not woven by Indians. For those who merely seek a broader knowledge of American Indian arts, the book provides a comprehensive introduction to the subject of basketry.

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American Baskets: A Cultural History of a Traditional Domestic Art

American Baskets: A Cultural History of a Traditional Domestic

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Weaving History (A Basket Heritage Project)

Weaving History (A Basket Heritage

A history of basket weaving techniques, materials and a multitude of styles.

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Basketry: The Shaker Tradition - History, Techniques, Projects

Basketry: The Shaker Tradition - History, Techniques,

Briefly discusses Shaker philosophy and traditions, shows examples of their baskets, tools, and basket making techniques, and provides instructions for making one's own baskets

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Indian Basket Weaving

Indian Basket

This work covers all of the basic techniques: preparation of the reed, splicing, introduction of color, shaping, finishing, and more. It also includes descriptions of a great variety of weaves—Lazy Squaw, Mariposa, Taos, Shilo, and others—each accompanied by specific instructions. With over 100 illustrations, this book is an excellent resource for crafters and those interested in Native American Culture.

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Hopi Basket Weaving: Artistry in Natural Fibers

Hopi Basket Weaving: Artistry in Natural

"With the inborn wisdom that has guided them for so long through so many obstacles, Hopi men and women perpetuate their proven rituals, strongly encouraging those who attempt to neglect or disrespect their obligations to uphold them. One of these obligations is to respect the flora and fauna of our planet. The Hopi closeness to the Earth is represented in all the arts of all three mesas, whether in clay or natural fibers. What clay is to a potter's hands, natural fibers are to a basket weaver." —from the Introduction Rising dramatically from the desert floor, Arizona's windswept mesas have been home to the Hopis for hundreds of years. A people known for protecting their privacy, these Native Americans also have a long and less known tradition of weaving baskets and plaques. Generations of Hopi weavers have passed down knowledge of techniques and materials from the plant world around them, from mother to daughter, granddaughter, or niece. This book is filled with photographs and detailed descriptions of their beautiful baskets—the one art, above all others, that creates the strongest social bonds in Hopi life. In these pages, weavers open their lives to the outside world as a means of sharing an art form especially demanding of time and talent. The reader learns how plant materials are gathered in canyons and creek bottoms, close to home and far away. The long, painstaking process of preparation and dying is followed step by step. Then, using techniques of coiled, plaited, or wicker basketry, the weaving begins. Underlying the stories of baskets and their weavers is a rare glimpse of what is called "the Hopi Way," a life philosophy that has strengthened and sustained the Hopi people through centuries of change. Many other glimpses of the Hopi world are also shared by author a [read more]

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Weaving New Worlds: Southeastern Cherokee Women and Their Basketry (And Government; 5)

Weaving New Worlds: Southeastern Cherokee Women and Their Basketry (And Government;

In this innovative study, Sarah Hill illuminates the history of Southeastern Cherokee women by examining changes in their basketry. Based in tradition and made from locally gathered materials, baskets evoke the lives and landscapes of their makers. Indeed, as Weaving New Worlds reveals, the stories of Cherokee baskets and the women who weave them are intertwined and inseparable. Incorporating written, woven, and spoken records, Hill demonstrates that changes in Cherokee basketry signal important transformations in Cherokee culture. Over the course of three centuries, Cherokees developed four major basketry traditions, each based on a different material--rivercane, white oak, honeysuckle, and maple. Hill explores how the addition of each new material occurred in the context of lived experience, ecological processes, social conditions, economic circumstances, and historical eras. Incorporating insights from written sources, interviews with contemporary Cherokee weavers, and a close examination of the baskets themselves, she presents Cherokee women as shapers and subjects of change. Even in the face of cultural assault and environmental loss, she argues, Cherokee women have continued to take what they have to make what they need, literally and metaphorically weaving new worlds from old.

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The Mad Weave Book: An Ancient Form of Triaxial Basket Weaving

The Mad Weave Book: An Ancient Form of Triaxial Basket

Most basket weaves are created on two axes but the triaxial method — also known as mad weaving — is formed on three axes for a strong and distinctive fabric that lends itself well to color patterns. Mad weaving has been practiced around the world for generations, from Asia to South America, but there are only a handful of instructional books on the subject. This detailed, easy-to-follow guide reintroduces the traditional craft to modern hand weavers with instructions for many different basket patterns.Author Shereen LaPlantz, an accomplished weaver and instructor, experimented for several years before developing a streamlined approach to making mad weave baskets. She begins with the basics, advancing to examples of color patterns, shaping, double weave, and surface embellishments, and she concludes with tips for finishing touches, from handles and lids to feet and reinforcements. Every step is accompanied by a clear diagram. Readers will delight in this guide's tremendous variety of patterns and find inspiration in its helpful suggestions and examples.

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American Indian Basketry [Two Volumes Bound as One, With 460 Illustrations]

American Indian Basketry [Two Volumes Bound as One, With 460

The origins of basketry are lost in the mists of prehistory, but making baskets is certainly one of the oldest and most nearly universal crafts of mankind. In the Americas, basket artifacts found in caves in Utah have been dated at 7000 B.C., while twined baskets said to be at least 5,000 years old have been uncovered in Peru. In the American Southwest, an entire Indian culture (ca. 100–700 A.D.) is known as "Basket Maker" because of the distinctive baskets it produced.This exhaustive survey (two volumes in one) of American Indian basketry, perhaps the finest book ever published on the subject, documents basketmaking throughout the Americas — in Eastern North America, Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, Western Canada, Oregon, California and the Interior Basin, as well as Mexico, Central and South America.Spanning a wide range of indigenous cultures (Aleutian, Tlinkit, Shoshonean, Athapascam, etc.), the detailed, carefully researched discussions in this book offer a wealth of information about woven and coiled basketry, watertight basketry, materials, basketmaking techniques and preparation, ornamentation and symbolism, as well as the uses of baskets as receptacles, in preparing and serving food, for gleaning and milling, in mortuary customs, in religion and social life, in trapping, carrying water, and in many other areas of Indian life.An interesting and informative chapter on collectors and collections and the preservation of baskets, followed by a helpful biography, rounds out the book. In addition, the author, once Curator of Ethnology at the U.S. National Museum (part of the Smithsonian Institution), enhanced this encyclopedic study with over 450 excellent photographs and illustrations.For collectors, preservationists, anthropologists, students of crafts and culture, mode [read more]

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Shep Paine's Armor Modeler Guide (Finescale Modeler)

Shep Paine's Armor Modeler Guide (Finescale

A prolific military modeler and historian, Sheperd Paine shares his tips and techniques for building detailed military models and dioramas in this special guide. You'll also find a variety of projects from top armor modelers - all influenced by Shep Paine.

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