101 Gourmet Ice Cream Creations for Every Craving (101 Gourmet Cookbooks)

101 Gourmet Ice Cream Creations for Every Craving (101 Gourmet

Bestselling author and dessert genius, Wendy Paul is back with a collection of tasty flavors and unique ice cream treats from fun-loving triple berry to exotic mango lime to scrumptious fried ice cream. Perfect for experts and novices alike, these mouthwatering creations are guaranteed to sweeten up any party and make all your friends and family scream for ice cream!

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Kristen Kish Cooking: Recipes and Techniques

Kristen Kish Cooking: Recipes and

From one of the most exciting young chefs in America today, a cookbook with more than 80 recipes that celebrate impeccable technique and bridge her Korean heritage, Michigan upbringing, Boston cooking years, and more.   Kish won legions of fans, first by helming two of Barbara Lynch’s esteemed Boston restaurants, and then by battling her way back from elimination to win season ten of Top Chef. Her path from Korean orphan to American adoptee, sometime model to distinguished chef, shines a light on her determination and love of food. Her recipes are surprising yet refined, taking the expected—an ingredient or a technique, for example—and using it in a new way to make dishes that are unique and irresistible. She sears avocado and pairs it with brined shrimp flavored with coriander and ginger. A broth laced with pancetta and parmesan is boosted with roasted mushrooms and farro for an earthy, soulful dish. Caramelized honey, which is sweet, smoky, and slightly bitter, is spiked with chiles and lemon and served with fried chicken thighs. The results are delicious, inspiring, and definitely worth trying at home.

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Sweet Without Sugar: Ice Cream That's Good For You

Sweet Without Sugar: Ice Cream That's Good For

Ice Cream gets completely re-imagined in a new book about combining nutritious ingredients in innovative ways. Sweet without Sugar, Ice Cream that's Good for You is a step by step guide to making ice cream sweetened entirely with stevia, a super-sweet tasting herb with many health benefits and zero calories. Can you replace ice cream with something nutritious and sugar-free that tastes just as good? Sweet without Sugar is destined to fully realize the concept. Recipes were specifically designed with ingredients stevia enhances as a sweetener. Almonds that have been soaked in water then frozen replace the milk and egg ingredients in conventional ice cream, and stevia replaces the sugar. Making it requires a Vitamix blender. The directions are simple and easy to use, and after you've prepared the almonds, the machine does most of the work. The almonds, liquid ingredients, coconut oil and stevia are blended into a rich, thick cream that gets transformed into ice cream by adding frozen fruit or ice or both, and blending. The secret is knowing exactly how to do it and the detailed instructions are clear and easy to follow.It's easy to make and unbelievable how close this combination of frozen fruit and a few ingredients is to the real thing. The texture is rich and creamy like gelato. The stevia gives it a light, clear sweetness that accentuates the tartness of the fruit making it more fresh tasting than conventional ice cream. The flavor of the fruit blended with the almonds and other ingredients creates a smooth creamy texture and a delicious fresh taste that could never be duplicated in commercially made ice cream. Rather than being a disadvantage, the absence of sugar actually improves the flavor. Stevia, with these ingredients, is a light, refreshingly sweet taste, compared to th [read more]

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"Cooking with Curious Chef" Cookbook

"Cooking with Curious Chef"

It's time to bring your kids and their creativity to the kitchen and start cooking up some fun with Curious Chef! A healthy love of cooking starts young, and Curious Chef's tools and cookbook bring out the inner foodie in kids. With the guidance of 36 recipes and over 50 workbook activities, the "Cooking with Curious Chef" cookbook instills valuable skills and builds self-esteem and confidence in children. Through a unique, kid-friendly format with pictures taking you through every step, kids can follow along and complete the recipes using Curious Chef's easy-to-use kitchen tools with minimal adult assistance. Each one of the chapters throughout the book incorporates recipes that correlate to one of the Curious Chef tool kits available for purchase. These recipes cover breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snack foods ranging from cranberry granola bars to chicken pot pie to ice cream sandwiches! Also, included throughout the book are healthy tips and food facts that educate children about making healthier food choices. Cooking-related puzzles and activities to extend the fun are provided for when the cooking is done. This cookbook presents a way for you to engage and bond with your kids through activities they will love. This durable book was specially designed with a hard cover and concealed spiral binding that allows the book to lie flat as you follow the recipes. Curious Chef is proud to provide young, aspiring chefs with the tools they need to have fun, stay safe and get creative all while fostering treasured, kitchen memories.

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Going Solo in the Kitchen

Going Solo in the

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Farm-to-Table Desserts: 80 Seasonal, Organic Recipes Made from Your Local Farmers’ Market

Farm-to-Table Desserts: 80 Seasonal, Organic Recipes Made from Your Local Farmers’

When we shop at farmers’ markets, we support our local economy and consume food that’s healthier, tastier, and packed with essential nutrients specific to our local environment. In Farm-to-Table Desserts, chef Lei demonstrates how baking with locally sourced, organic ingredients is so satisfying that it will quickly become an easy and delicious habit.With more than eighty sweet recipes divided by season, Farm-to-Table Desserts shows readers how to create simple desserts using fresh and local ingredients at their prime. With Lei’s instruction, home cooks will see how easy it is to bake fresh year-round. Recipes include some of Lei’s favorites: • Stone peach cobbler• Fig jam• Sweet corn panna cotta• Strawberry hand pie• Sweet potato cake• Blood orange pot de crème

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I Scream Sandwich: Inspired Recipes for the Ultimate Frozen Treat

I Scream Sandwich: Inspired Recipes for the Ultimate Frozen

In I Scream Sandwich!, cookbook author Jennie Schacht redefines this hugely popular sweet treat and shows us how it can easily be the star of a dinner party, child's birthday bash, family picnic, or just a lazy summer afternoon. The book includes a variety of ice cream sandwich recipes, from the classic (chocolate cookie bars with vanilla ice cream), to the exotic (kaffir lime and lemongrass sorbet on five-spice cookies), to the seasonal (blackberry-buttermilk ice cream on crispy meringues), to the upscale (pistachio gelato on a brioche bun). In addition to cookies and ice cream, sandwiches are made with brownies, bars, cakes, brioche, crusts, gelatos, sorbets, and dairy-free options. This idea-filled book also includes recipes for sauces, roll-ins, and decorations.


My Foodie ABC: A Little Gourmet's Guide

My Foodie ABC: A Little Gourmet's

A delightful educational tool that stresses the importance of having a healthy relationship with food, this board book teaches the letters of the alphabet to tots and other gastronomes in training. Stylish and dazzling illustrations that highlight terms such as Kobe beef, pomegranate, ice cream, and farmer’s market pair with fun foodie facts to make learning the alphabet easy and enriching. A complete introduction to the alphabet and gastronomical terms, this unique book also includes a pronunciation guide, making it an ideal companion for food aficionados.

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How to Make Frozen Yogurt: 56 Delicious Flavors You Can Make at Home. A Storey BASICS® Title

How to Make Frozen Yogurt: 56 Delicious Flavors You Can Make at Home. A Storey BASICS®

Don’t forget the sprinkles as you get ready to spin out your own homemade creamy, soft-serve style frozen yogurt. In this Storey BASICS® guide, Nicole Weston shares her unique technique for making smooth and delicious frozen yogurt using a simple meringue and an ice cream maker. With recipes for 56 irresistible flavors, Weston will inspire you to go beyond vanilla and chocolate and try your hand at making tropical coconut, dulce de leche, spiced pumpkin, candy cane, and many more frozen yogurt delights. 

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The Big Book of Desserts and Pastries: Dozens of Recipes for Gourmet Sweets and Sauces

The Big Book of Desserts and Pastries: Dozens of Recipes for Gourmet Sweets and

Cookbook author and professional pastry chef Claes Karlsson has gathered together delicious recipes for his very best cakes, pastries, cookies, and puddings. All of these treats are equally well-suited for a fancy party or rounding off a simple coffee break. Ranging from the divinely simple to the stunningly sophisticated, the sweets in The Big Book of Desserts and Pastries will become your go-to recipes for every occasion! Some of the delectable treats you’ll master include: Vanilla Panna Cotta with Raspberry Syrup Cinnamon Waffles with Apple Cream Chocolate Mousse with Caramel and Almonds Vanilla Cakes with Lemon Curd Coffee Cheesecake Mixed Berry and Vanilla Crumble Chocolate Sandwich Cookies There is also an entire chapter devoted to basic recipes, like frostings, sauces, and edible decorations, so you can begin to experiment with different combinations and create your own amazing desserts! Beautiful full-color photographs illustrate the recipes, inspiring you to take your baking skills to new heights. Guided by the knowledge and techniques of this master pastry chef, you will find these recipes a joy to make and a delight to consume!

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