Real Men Pray the Rosary: A Practical Guide to a Powerful Prayer

Real Men Pray the Rosary: A Practical Guide to a Powerful

In Real Men Pray the Rosary: A Practical Guide to a Powerful Prayer, a powerful story of a vital prayer movement that is igniting men's hearts, David N. Calvillo narrates his own life-changing experience of the Rosary, presents a comprehensive guide to the Rosary, and offers a 33-Day Rosary Challenge."The Rosary is for old ladies and funerals." Or is it? In David N. Calvillo's debut book, he reveals how each week, thousands of men of all ages and backgrounds join together in the Real Men Pray the Rosary movement and are seeing the fruit of this spiritual discipline in their lives and families. Destined to become a new centerpiece of Catholic men's spirituality, this dynamic book and movement bring men together, deepening their devotion to Christ through Mary. Often surprising and always inspiring, Calvillo combines storytelling with a profound, inviting guide and convincingly shows how the Rosary is alive and well today--for men. Real Men Pray the Rosary is also an ideal gift to men from the women in their lives.

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Stuff Every Graduate Should Know: A Handbook for the Real World (Stuff You Should Know)

Stuff Every Graduate Should Know: A Handbook for the Real World (Stuff You Should

The New York Times best seller makes the perfect graduation gift for young adults in the real world!   This ultimate pocket-sized guide for life after school is filled with information for every step of the road to adulthood. Just because you’ve got a diploma in hand doesn’t mean you know everything—especially if it’s doing laundry, cleaning your house, or acing an interview. Topics include:   ·      How to Find Your First Apartment ·      How to Write the Perfect Résumé ·      How to Survive Living with Your Parents ·      How to Make (and Stick to!) a Budget ·      How to Build A Professional Wardrobe

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Double Edge Single Blade Safety Razor Kit For Men - By Bigfoot Shaves - True Classic Razor for The Shave of Your Life + Travel Kit Case + Mirror + Blades – Real Man's Gift – Limited Inventory

Double Edge Single Blade Safety Razor Kit For Men - By Bigfoot Shaves - True Classic Razor for The Shave

The Truth Big Razor Blade Companies Don't Want You to Know Razor blades get dull and need to be replaced. Big advertising tells us more blades are better and we are charged for it. The truth is the best shave a man can get is from a classic single bevel razor.Benefits of Our Classic Single Blade Bevel Razor Also known as a Safety Razor, our Bevel Razor uses a single double edge blade. The blade mounts inside the top mount which features a smooth shaving edge to protect your skin. The final result is a gentle classic shave every man deserves.Why Our Safety Razor Stands Out From the Crowd Quality is our obsession. Our safety razor features a heavy weight handle constructed of the most rugged stainless steel material we could find. This is a shaving razor you use for life.Exclusive Lifetime Warranty Guarantee BigFoot Shaves offers an exclusive lifetime warranty to all customers who purchase through this page. We back our product and our customers. Thank you for choosing us. Redefine How You Shave - Click the button at the top of this page now - Prime members receive free 2 day shipping!

  • Color: Silver Knight
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Real Solid Walnut Wooden Sunglasses Design Polarized Lenses with Gift Box by Viable Harvest

Real Solid Walnut Wooden Sunglasses Design Polarized Lenses with Gift Box by Viable

Tired of those old plastic sunglasses that feel cheap, clunky and heavy? Our designers at Viable Harvest have created the perfect lightweight wooden sunglasses just for you! Our sunglasses are hand crafted with organic walnut for a unique design that looks and feels great. With sleek lines and a leisurely style, the Viable Harvest sunglasses are ideal for the backyard or your next great adventure. We love the red sandalwood not only for its strength but for its amazing look - an exciting and unique grain and color pattern that boasts nothing but style. They've been lightly polished to enhance their natural wooden tones and provide a stunningly smooth finish. We use premium, high quality, certified polarized lenses with a UV400 rating. We're not only concerned with how you look, but how we can help protect you for life.The classic wayfarer style is anything but boring. A universal fit and unisex design make this a great choice for our regular customers or for those trying Viable Harvest for the first time. We make all of our products from natural, eco-friendly wood, and we're confident these will look and feel great next to your skin. Going casual? No problem! Dressing it up for a day out? We've got the look for you! We've also included a custom designed bamboo gift box with a soft, microfiber cleaning cloth.At Viable Harvest, we care about our customers. If you're not satisfied with our sunglasses, let us know. We'll do everything we can to make it right. We've got a 100% money back guarantee to boot. So go ahead and order. We've got you covered.

  • Color: Walnut
  • Brand: Viable Harvest
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Real Man (Ed Cole Classic)

Real Man (Ed Cole

Real Man rips apart unfulfilling sterotypes, smothers the pressure of unrealistic demands, exposes cheap substitutes and sordid imitations of true manhood - while giving a man the power he needs to obtain the spirit and conviction of being a real man.

  • Brand: Versa Press
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Guinness World Records 2018: Meet our Real-Life Superheroes

Guinness World Records 2018: Meet our Real-Life

The record-breaking records annual is back and packed with more incredible accomplishments, stunts, cutting-edge science and amazing sporting achievements than ever before. With more than 3,000 new and updated records and 1,000 eye-popping photos, it has thousands of new stats and facts and dazzling new features.There is so much to explore inside. Go on a whirlwind tour of the planet’s most amazing places, from the largest swamps to the deepest points on Earth. Find out what happens when you give an octopus a Rubik’s Cube, and why all you need to defend yourself from a crocodile is a rubber band! You’ll also find all your favorite records and categories such as Big Stuff, Collections, Mass Participation and Fun with Food, plus the year’s most significant sporting achievements.Our editors have also taken inspiration this year from the world of superheroes – both fictional and real-world – so look out for our feature chapter charting your favorite caped crusaders in comic books, TV shows and movies. We also meet the real-life record-breakers with genuine superpowers, such as the Canadian strongman vicar who can pull a jumbo jet and an actual cyborg who uses technology to augment his senses. You’ll also learn all about the science of superheroes, such as who the fastest and strongest superheroes would be if they came to life, and who would win in a royal rumble between Superman, Batman, Hulk and Dr Strange!Also new this year is a celebration of the superlative with infographic poster pages that explore the most exciting absolutes, such as the longest, tallest, fastest and heaviest. Does the longest sofa outstretch the longest train? Is the tallest Easter egg bigger than the tallest snowman? Find out in this amazing new edition. You’ll also find these special pages av [read more]

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Engraved 14in Real Men Bake Wood Spoon Gift (1 Spoon)

Engraved 14in Real Men Bake Wood Spoon Gift (1

This is a great way to add on something extra to a gift, or just to keep track of your own utensils in your own home or when you take them to parties. However you use it, this is genuine heirloom quality--you will have this around for years to come. Longer than the average and with ergonomically designed handles for a comfortable and safe grip, this stylish utensil is made from quality beech wood. Solid and durable, but with a smooth finish that makes it feel soft in your hands. Unique As our spoons/spatulas are all crafted from natural beech wood and engraved individually, no two are alike. Please be aware that the spoon you receive and the tone of the engraving may vary from the pictures on our site. Care Care instructions: Hand wash with warm soapy water and dry immediately. We recommend treating with a food-grade oil such as mineral oil or walnut oil to preserve the wood and bring out its beautiful tones. Darken it up A quick rub of walnut oil (find it next to Olive Oil) and this will positively glow a deep beautiful brown. You can get similar effects with mineral oil (look in the pharmacy section--usually just a few dollars.) PERFECT as a birthday, anniversary, housewarming, wedding, shower or Christmas gift! Stocking stuffer, Christmas gift, Birthday gift, Mother's Day Gift, Father's Day Gift, Hostess Gift, House Warming Gift, Engraved Wood Spoon, Baking, Cook ,wooden spoon,favor,engraved spoon

  • Color: Engraved 14in Real Men Bake Wood Spoon Gift (1 Spoon)
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Real Man: Majoring in Men Curriculum (Majoring in Men: The Curriculum for Men)

Real Man: Majoring in Men Curriculum (Majoring in Men: The Curriculum for

This serves as a companion study guide to the book, Real Man. Can be used as a personal study or with a group. Twelve lessons with fill in the blanks and additional scriptures for further study. Learn how to Maximize your masculinity, discover the manhood of Jesus Christ, and Clarify your role as leader, husband, father and friend to name a few!

  • Brand: Versa Press
  • ASIN: 1938629124

Old Man Drinks: Recipes, Advice, and Barstool Wisdom

Old Man Drinks: Recipes, Advice, and Barstool

Lose those girly cocktails and start drinking like a real man—a real old man! These Old Man Drinks are guaranteed to put hair on that scrawny baby’s bottom you call a chest. From Boilermakers and Sidecars to Rusty Nails and Satan’s Whiskers, these old-school party starters go down just as rough as they sound. No pink drinks or foo-foo umbrellas here! Just the good stuff—whiskey, rye, bourbon, gin—and some priceless life lessons that only the very old can provide. So man up, quit your bitchin’, and grab a stool, ’cause it’s gonna be a long night.


Moto Loot KeyChain for Motorcycles, Scooters, Cars and Gifts (Real Men Like Curves)

Moto Loot KeyChain for Motorcycles, Scooters, Cars and Gifts (Real Men Like

WHY DO YOU NEED THIS KEY CHAIN? LOOKS AWESOMEWell firstly, it looks awesome and really stands out. Other motorcycle and car enthusiasts will spot your Real Men Like Curves key chain from a mile away and come up to you for a chat about it and your machine - and lets face it, everyone loves to talk about their machine! WON'T SCRATCH UP YOUR PAINTHave you ever seen a motorcycle with horrible looking scratches around the ignition key hole? Or a car door with messy marks surrounding the door handle? This key tag has been specifically designed so that this won't happen to your beautiful motorcycle or car. They are constructed with durable fabric, so there are no sharp edges to scratch up your paintwork! EASY TO PULL FROM YOUR POCKETLets be honest, who hasn't put their gloves on before realising your key is sitting at the bottom of your pocket? Or your pockets are ridiculously deep and you have to do a little dance to reach your keys at the bottom? This Key Tag solves your problem. Being 5.11" (13cm) in length, these key tags give you something substantial and easy to grab a hold of and pull out your key. EASIER TO FINDWith this key tag hanging off your key it will be much harder to lose the damn thing! These key chains really do stand out. Not only does this mean they are harder to lose, but they make your keys much easier to find when you do lose them.

  • Color: Real Men Like Curves
  • Brand: Moto Loot
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