Gay Christmas Song

Gay Christmas Song


A Country Song For Christmas

A Country Song For

Country singing sensation, Nash Bentley, has a secret…He’s gay. Fear of losing his fans - and ultimately, his career - keeps him in the closet. It’s not until he brings his drummer, Dalton Dresher, home for Christmas that he starts to question if it’s worth hiding anymore. Dalton is happy to keep their love quiet, but it tears Nash apart. Why should he have to keep his relationship a secret? Could his love for Dalton be what makes or breaks Nash's singing career?

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Gay Christmas Song

Gay Christmas Song

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Pride and Joy

Pride and Joy

... Back home, you pour yourselves some eggnog, throw a few logs on the fire, and snuggle up together. Luckily, you peeked into your stocking and found (what else?) this GMCW holiday album, so A Song for Christmas now fills the air along with crackling from the fire. By this point you hardly needed much help, but the tight harmonies of Potomac Fever singing the Carpenters' Merry Christmas, Darling put you into such a romantic mood that goodness knows what's happening on Aunt Mavis' hearth rug by the time the stereo gets to Deck the Halls and Snow! ... -- from the liner notes

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Gay Christmas [Explicit]

Gay Christmas

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Kids Christmas Collection: 31 Classic Christmas Songs for Kids (Cedarmont Kids Classics)

Kids Christmas Collection: 31 Classic Christmas Songs for Kids (Cedarmont Kids

Cedarmont presents the Kids Christmas Collection, including 31 classic Christmas songs arranged for easy piano and children's vocal. Includes bonus guitar chord chart.

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A Dirty Gay Christmas

A Dirty Gay

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On Wings of Song

On Wings of Song

Six years after meeting British soldier Aiden Foster during the Christmas Truce of 1914, Jochen Weber still finds himself thinking about Aiden, their shared conversation about literature, and Aiden’s beautiful singing voice. A visit to London gives Jochen the opportunity to search for Aiden, but he’s shocked at what he finds.The uniform button Jochen gave him is the only thing Aiden has left of the past he’s lost. The war and its aftermath ripped everything away from him, including his family and his music. When Jochen reappears in his life, Aiden enjoys their growing friendship but knows he has nothing to offer. Not anymore.


The Gay Gordons (Caladonia Christmas Mix)

The Gay Gordons (Caladonia Christmas

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Our Christmas Song (Teri's Secret Book 1)

Our Christmas Song (Teri's Secret Book

Jacqueline Rose, star of stage and screen, has been living a lie for years. Even she herself is confused after such a long history of deception.When Jacq auditions for a major new TV series, she finds that she is perfect for the part of ‘Teri.’ The storyline follows Teri's secret as she disguises herself as a man to join an all-male group. She hides her femininity and manages to deceive them all into accepting her as part of the group. As Jacq takes on the new role and begins playing her new character of Teri, she is introduced to one of her co-stars. Devon Danvers immediately captures Jacq’s attention, mainly because she demands it. Devon claims to know who Jacq really is behind closed doors; something Jacq is quick to deny. With the storyline moving quickly, no-one anticipates the new angle that is suddenly taken by the writers. The character of Teri is unmasked by none other than Alex, Devon’s character herself, and a romantic relationship ensues.Thrown into acting alongside Devon, in a relationship which is becoming more intense on screen, Jacq finds herself trying to rationalise her feelings for Devon. She knows the truth of what she is feeling and yet is scared. After hiding who she truly is for so long, can Jacq finally come out to the world and admit she loves Devon?Find out in…Our Christmas Song.

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