Meat Maniac Roasted Edible Insects (Salt & Lemon Chapulines 30g)

Meat Maniac Roasted Edible Insects (Salt & Lemon Chapulines

Did you know that the red color of chapulines is not from the chiles? Similar to lobster, brown and green grasshoppers turn red when cooked. The chapulines for sale are cooked with traditional chile, lemon, garlic and salt. As far as edible insects go, chapulines and crickets are probably the most common insects consumed by people from North America. However, this isn't saying much since the experience probably took place while on a trip to Mexico or during a science class. It's unfortunate since chapulines are so tatsy and so good for you. Similar to crickets, they are packed with protein, Omega 3, B12 and many other vitamins and minerals. The chitin, or exoskeleton, is a prebiotic which is food for probiotics. They're considered a superfood. But, the best reason to add them to the menu is that they taste great. Here in North America, they are an exotic ingredient. Your guests will be talking and posting about their experience after trying them. Few people leave saying they did not like them. Most agree, they are fabulous.

  • Brand: Meat Maniac
  • ASIN: B074Q43C8G
  • UPC: 726679990151

Lined Sleep Cap Kids BUGS Hot Sell Low Profile WQ UNIQUE

Lined Sleep Cap Kids BUGS Hot Sell Low Profile WQ

WQ UNIQUEFabric: wool Velvet 15% Cotton 85%. Flexible Soft And Comfortable.Size: cap Depth 20cm, Cap Circumference 40-52cm.For The Crowd: knitted Hat, Autumn And Winter Season Is Very Suitable.

  • Color: Pink
  • Brand: WQ UNIQUE
  • ASIN: B076P31HGC
  • UPC: 888015537175

WQ UNIQUE Solid Color Up Adjustable Hat Adult Womens BUGS Hot Sell Polo Style

WQ UNIQUE Solid Color Up Adjustable Hat Adult Womens BUGS Hot Sell Polo

WQ UNIQUEFabric: Cotton (single Layer)Material Is Thick, Feel More Rigid, Hat Eyebrow Board Is Hard,Cap Type Belt To Compare Upright.Size: cap Height: 9cm, Hat: 7cm, Cap Circumference: 55-59cm (behind The Adjustment Buckle, May Be Appropriate To Adjust The Size) Adjustable (55-60CM)Thickness: fabric Thick, Feel More Rigid, Suitable For Four Seasons Wearing.For The Crowd: male And Female General.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: WQ UNIQUE
  • ASIN: B075S8GJWY
  • UPC: 888006446868

10oz Golden Grubs Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae Tasty BSF

10oz Golden Grubs Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae Tasty

Equally deliver the same or even better growth performance as mealworms! Your chickens love love love these grubs. Why not buy a pack today with only $6.99, the addition grubs will turned that all around. Golden BSF Grubs can be fed by hand or scattered on the ground to get your flock to come, not only do chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese love them, but also reptiles and other insectivore animals want them too. by feeding your chicken, flock our golden grubs, you will know they are receiving a nutritious treat higher in protein, calcium. The more we learned about Black Soldier Flies and the benefits they have for poultry, the more confident we became at incorporating them into our poultry product line. These dried larvae are upwards of 40% crude protein. Because chicken feathers are about 90% protein, increasing your chickens' protein during molting will aid in feather growth. Chickens deficient in protein may also pick at their own feathers in an attempt to get the protein they need, thus it's important to keep their protein at optimal levels. During winter, when snow is covering the ground and insects are harder for your chickens and ducks to forage, consider using Golden Grubs as an extra protein source. During laying time, grubs provide an extra boost of calcium, which helps build strong eggshells. They're also great to use as a treat for your birds or to entice them into the coop at night.Guaranteed AnalysisProtein:36%Fat:30%Clacium:4%Phosphorus:67%Moisture:9%CrudeFiber:4.5%Net Weight: 10oz

  • Color: Golden
  • Brand: Golden Grubs
  • ASIN: B072Y9C1JK
  • UPC: 603432967721