The Mini Cadburys English Wicker Hamper - By Moreton Gifts, Perfect Gift.

The Mini Cadburys English Wicker Hamper - By Moreton Gifts, Perfect

Contains: 78g Milk Tray, 2 x Fun Size Buttons, 1 x Rose Bag, 1 x Heroes Bag, 4 x Normal Sized Bars & A Moreton Gifts Sweetie Pouch! - All items come in a Wicker Basket with faux leather straps. If one item becomes unavailable, it may be substituted for another item of equivalent or higher value.

  • Brand: Cadbury
  • ASIN: B01ANQ81RO
  • UPC: 725627124419

Chocolate Treasure Round-The-World-Trip

Chocolate Treasure

Probably the finest chocolate treasure which has made it completely around the world! In this chocolate treasure box you find only chocolate with the best ingredients from the most exotic places of the world, processed in elaborate processes according to sustainability principles. Or did you get in the supermarket before stoneground organic direct trade cinnamon chocolate according to Mexican tradition? Or how about Vietnamese chocolate from the finest hand selected cocoa beans, which are grown on small family-owned farms on the remote island of Phu Tan Dong? No? Then we have just the right thing if you are looking for the very particular. 1.Vietnam: Marou "Treasure Island" 75% delicate creamy dark chocolate with rare cocoa from the remote island of Tan Phu Dong 2.Vietnam: Marou "Lam Dong" 74% of rare and delicate chocolate with cocoa from Vietnam 3.USA/Mexico: Taza Chocolate Mexicano "Cinnamon" 50% dark chocolate with cinnamon. Unconched stoneground by hand organic direct trade chocolate 4.Java/UK: Artisan du Chocolat "Java" origin chocolate, 72% 5.Madagascar/UK: Willie's Cacao "Madagascan Gold" Sambirano 71% with a hint of summer fruits 6.Venezuela/UK: Willie's Cacao "Milk Of The Gods" Rio Caribe 44% milk chocolate 7.Venezuela/UK: Willie's Cacao "El Blanco" Barlovento White chocolate 8.Italy: Leone "bean-to-bar" 44% milk chocolate in a nostalgic packaging. 9.Ecuador/Italy: Venchi "Amazon Blend" 75% with cocoa nibs 10.Ecuador/Ghana/Papouas/France: Bovetti "drinking chocolate stick" dark chocolate 11.Ghana/Spain: Amattler "origin chocolate" Dark Ghana 85% 12.Ecuador/Spain: Amattler "origin chocolate" Dark Ecuador 70% 13.Spain: Amattler "Amattlons" caramelized almonds and white chocolate dusted with cocoa powder 14.Spain: Simon Coll "Nostalgia bar" whole milk

  • Brand: MemorySweets®
  • ASIN: B00W8BYP00

Lindt Swiss Luxury Selection, Assorted Chocolate, 5.1 Ounce Box

Lindt Swiss Luxury Selection, Assorted Chocolate, 5.1 Ounce

Swiss Luxury - A sophisticated collection of elegant European style pralines, crafted with our exquisite milk, dark and white chocolate. Features eight recipes, including macchiato, carre de stracciatella, caramelita and perle de cacao. Lindt chocolate embodies the passion and expert craftsmanship of its Lindt Master Swiss Chocolatiers. Lindt delivers a unique chocolate experience offering a distinctly smooth and rich, gourmet taste.

  • Brand: Lindt
  • UPC: 037466049670

Green and Black Chocolate Bar, Ginger, Organic, 3.5000-ounces (Pack of 5)

Green and Black Chocolate Bar, Ginger, Organic, 3.5000-ounces (Pack of

Green & Black's Organic Dark Chocolate Ginger.With the sweet warmth of crystallized ginger.60% Cacao content.Fairtrade®.

  • Brand: Green & Black's
  • ASIN: B004DIR41I

Lindt LINDOR Assorted Chocolate Holiday Truffle, 7.2 oz.

Lindt LINDOR Assorted Chocolate Holiday Truffle, 7.2

Exquisitely creamy Lindt chocolate with an irresistibly smooth center guaranteed to melt the heart of every chocolate lover. Each bag featuring a festive holiday design contains approximately 17 assorted Lindor truffles in milk, dark and white chocolate.

  • Brand: Lindor
  • UPC: 037466054919

Ferrero Collection, Fine Assorted Confections, 32 Count

Ferrero Collection, Fine Assorted Confections, 32

You will be sure to impress even the most discerning chocolate lover. Give Ferrero Collection, a special gift, elegantly combining three of Ferrero's finest layered delights! First, you can brighten any day with Raffaello Confections. It's a delightful creamy almond coconut specialty. Then there is Rondnoir a decadent delight created for the dark chocolate lover. And finally there is of course Rocher, the classic spherical chocolate sweet that started it all and set Ferrero's standards of excellence, style, and expertise.

  • Brand: Ferrero
  • ASIN: B00CO8I9JU
  • UPC: 009800200344

Cuckoo Luckoo Licorice Allsorts, 2 lb Bag in a BlackTie Box

Cuckoo Luckoo Licorice Allsorts, 2 lb Bag in a BlackTie

About This BlackTie Box: Introducing the BlackTie Box by Black Tie Mercantile, the first and only gift-ready packaging system designed for the unique challenges of E-Commerce. Whether you choose to ship directly to a recipient or to yourself, your item is guaranteed to arrive exactly as described and photographed. According to candy lore, Licorice Allsorts were stumbled upon in 1899 by Charlie Thompson, a sales representative, who allegedly dropped a sample tray he was showing to a client in Leicester, mixing up the various sweets. Now get a BlackTie Box for any occasion featuring one 2 lb bag of Cuckoo Luckoo Licorice Allsorts.

  • Brand: Black Tie Mercantile
  • UPC: 651818909148

Creations Dessert Ballotin

Creations Dessert

Chocolate pralines inspired by classic dessert recipes. Now featuring new and updated recipes from the Lindt Master Chocolatiers-fondant chocolate, caramel eclair, meringue, creme brulee, chocolate brownie, millefeuille and tiramisu.

  • Color: Assorted
  • Brand: Lindt
  • ASIN: B00AW0V95I
  • UPC: 721865748264

Tea Forté SINGLE STEEPS Loose Tea Sampler, Assorted Variety TEA CHEST, 28 Different Single Serve Pouches - Black Tea, Green Tea, White Tea, Herbal Tea

Tea Forté SINGLE STEEPS Loose Tea Sampler, Assorted Variety TEA CHEST, 28 Different Single Serve Pouches - Black Tea, Green

SINGLE STEEPS® - the perfect measure for the perfect cup!TM Now tea aficionados and beginner alike can enjoy the wonderful taste experience of loose leaf tea with perfect ease. SINGLE STEEPS® easy to use, pre-portioned pouches are a convenient and simple way to prepare the perfect cup of premium loose leaf tea. Simply open the pouch of tea, empty the contents into a teapot or infusing basket, and pure water over the leaves to steep the perfect 12oz cup or pot of tea. Use SINGLE STEEPS® with our KATI Single Cup Loose Leaf Tea Brewing System to prepare the perfect cup anytime, anywhere, perfectly. This expansive selection includes 28 blends of the world's finest loose leaf teas with luscious fruits, healing herbs and flowers for extravagantly delicious infusions. The complete tasting menu inside will guide you through the timeless experience and luxuriant taste of our exceptional black, green, white and herbal teas. Tea Forte takes great pride in offering only the finest tea leaves in the world. There are no compromises. The teas we choose to offer represent less than 1% of all the teas available and yield diverse, subtle flavors that cannot be found in other tea offerings. The dedication and determination to present the definitive cup of tea starts by working directly with the growers who share our passion to produce exceptional teas. Our ultra-premium teas are the heart of the rich tea experience. 28 pre-portioned packets, one of each blend: African Solstice, Apricot Ameretto, Black Cherry, Blueberry Merlot, Bombay Chai, Caramel Nougat, Chamomile Citron, Cherry Marzipan, Coconut Chocolate Truffle, Cucumber Mint, Darjeeling Quince, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Ginger Lemongrass, Green Mango Peach, Harvest Apple Spice, Honey Yuzu, Jasmine Green, Lemon Sorbetti, Lychee Coconut, [read more]

  • Brand: Tea Forte
  • ASIN: B00O80NU00
  • UPC: 663199178655

Cadbury Chocolate Gift Basket Full of British Chocolate

Cadbury Chocolate Gift Basket Full of British

Flake, Wispa Gold, Twirl, Double Decker, Dairy Milk, Wipsa, Boost, Caramel, Fruit and Nut, Picnic, Crunchie, Whole Nut, Starbar and Turkish Delight. all in lovely beautiful gift box with ribbon and you can send message

  • ASIN: B07584L1WC