Bottle Opener for Champagne and Sparkling Wine, Ergonomic and Durable Design, Easy and Safe Cork Removal

Bottle Opener for Champagne and Sparkling Wine, Ergonomic and Durable Design, Easy and Safe Cork

We all love to celebrate with a bottle of Champagne, but opening them can be a pain with corks flying, champagne spilling or trying to wrestle a towel over the cork to protect your eyes. Primo Vino's Champagne Opener makes popping champagne corks a breeze. The ergonomic design is easy to grip and allows you to complete control opening your favorite bubbly. Simply place the opener in the grooves created by the metal cage, push down, turn and lift. You will love how easy it is and never have to worry about a flying cork again. The strong and durable design will last for years upon years. We know you have plenty of reasons to celebrate in your life, so get yourself a Primo Vino Champagne Opener and get the bubbly flowing now.

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Primo Vino
  • UPC: 638455938137



Amélie Nothomb is one of Europe's most successful and talked about authors. Hygeine and the Assassin, her first published novel, became a phenomenon, occupying a unique position in the world of French and international fiction. Delightful and witty, Pétronille is further proof of Nothomb's versatility and brilliance. With wry humor and a deceptively simple style, Pétronille tells an unusual story about twin abiding passions: one for champagne, and the other for a riotous friendship between her protagonist and Pétronille Fanto, a woman who refuses to drink alone. This is a funny, moving, "exotic" novel about travel, France, champagne, and, above all, about women's friendship. The on-again/off-again friendship between Pétronille and the main character in the book, who happens to be a writer by the name of Amélie Nothomb, gives the story its verve and the novel its heart. This is literary Thelma & Louise, with a little bit of French panache and a whole lot of champagne thrown in. 

  • Brand: Nothomb Amelie
  • ASIN: 1609452909