Bloody Amazing Mary Mix

Bloody Amazing Mary

Why use a Bloody Mary Mix when you can use a Bloody Amazing Mary Mix?! Bloody Amazing Mary Mix is the Best Bloody Mary Mix! A premium mix made with quality Gluten free ingredients, there is no need for doctoring: Horseradish-it's in there, Worcestershire-it's in there and it's Lea & Perrins, Hot Sauce-it's in there, Great Flavor - it's in there. Just add your favorite spirit, vodka, bourbon, tequila, etc., and garnish, to create a wondrous premium cocktail. Bloody Amazing Mary Mix was formulated by a single mom working at a golf course restaurant where guests desired a flavorful, consistent Bloody Mary. The goal was to produce a well-balanced bloody mary mix that would appeal to most, in which the flavors marry and complement each other with none overtaking the others. Not extremely hot, but a nice kick on the finish. Well, the guests deemed it the Best Bloody Mary on the Planet! Armed with a great recipe and Amazing support from her children and a close friend, Bloody Amazing Mary Mix was brought to market April 2014. Everything about this mix, from the formula to the final packaging; done by a mom just doing her job. Bloody Amazing contains the perfect blend of juices, flavors, and seasoning to make the Best Bloody Mary on the Planet. Its taste ----- Amazing!!!

  • Brand: Bloody Amazing
  • ASIN: B019PVPBD0
  • UPC: 863348000107

Rokz Design Group Infused Salt, Bloody Mary, 4 Ounce

Rokz Design Group Infused Salt, Bloody Mary, 4

Rokz natural rimmers add flavor and sparkle to cocktails. Top bloody marys in style, or dip olives in the salt for an amazing garnish. To use: place about 3 tablespoons of bloody mary infused salt on a flat plate. Run a wedge of lemon or lime around the rim of a cocktail glass then dip the moistened rim into the mixture and rotate the glass until evenly coated. Each package will rim approx. 40 drinks. Use with rokz fiery pepper infusions for the ultimate bloody mary.

  • Brand: Rokz Design Group
  • ASIN: B007C62KXK
  • UPC: 855439000738

Grim Tales: Bloody Mary Collector's Edition

Grim Tales: Bloody Mary Collector's

  • Brand: Big Fish Games

Bloody Nightmares and Amazing Wonders

Bloody Nightmares and Amazing

In this anthology of 18 short horror and science fiction stories you will meet Monica in MY ROOM, a seven year old girl in an English boarding school who has no friends except the ‘nanny’ who sits on her bed every night. In SWEET DREAMS ARE MADE OF THIS you will follow two college students as they enter the dreams of a dead woman. Read a narration of someone who actually grew up in a haunted house in ONE AND A HALF STORY. In ATTIC STORIES you will hear stories within stories and find the real horror in an unexpected place encompassing them all. PARALLELS will introduce you to 2 murderers from different centuries that have so much in common they might have been best friends if such were possible. THE CORNER OF LUNA, a science fiction tale with horrors of its own, will take you far into the future when people of Earth are scrambling to get away, but are they getting the new home planets they were promised? And if you need more, learn about the job with a very serious deadline no one has been able to meet, a college professor who adores Bloody Queen Mary, a worldwide séance, a farmer’s wife who isn’t what she appears to be, and a thunderstorm unlike any other our planet has ever had. So, meet some psychopaths and sociopaths, ghosts and aliens and an assortment of entities that end up leaving people in a bloody mess or some other god forsaken horror they cannot escape in these BLOODY NIGHTMARES AND AMAZING WONDERS.

  • ASIN: B071W2LCTY

Traeger MIX002 Smoked Bloody Mary Mix

Traeger MIX002 Smoked Bloody Mary

This versatile mix isn't only for savory cocktails, it also makes an amazing marinade. Horseradish and cayenne  flavors are tied together with a hint of Traeger smoke, taking this classic to a whole new level. 

  • Brand: Traeger
  • UPC: 634868924637

Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix, 32 oz (Pack of 3)

Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix, 32 oz (Pack of

The pride of Zing Zang®! This is the original product, the first place award-winning Bloody Mary Mix. Low in sodium and calories, tastes great with or without your favorite vodka.

  • Brand: Zing Zang
  • ASIN: B005VQD4SI

Powell & Mahoney Cocktail Mixer, Bloody Mary, 25.36 Ounce Glass

Powell & Mahoney Cocktail Mixer, Bloody Mary, 25.36 Ounce

Whip up a superior batch of a wise man's number one hangover cure with this high-quality Powell & Mahoney Bloody Mary mix! Established in 1962, Powell & Mahoney focuses solely on crafting small batches of world-class mixers.

  • Brand: Powell & Mahoney
  • ASIN: B0078DRAAU
  • UPC: 898406001314

Demitri's Bloody Mary Seasoning Classic Recipe, 16-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 3)

Demitri's Bloody Mary Seasoning Classic Recipe, 16-Ounce Bottles (Pack of

Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasonings are Award-Winning combinations of the finest scratch ingredients that are simply added to plain tomato juice, V8 or Clamato for perfect handmade-quality Bloody Marys every time, in no time. Demitri’s Seasonings are 100% natural and made with the very finest ingredients: Fresh horseradish, real lemon juice, Lea & Perrins Worcestershire, celery, peppers, a touch of garlic. Of course, Demitri’s contains nothing artificial, no sulfites and absolutely no preservatives. Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasonings were created by Seattle Bartender, Demitri Pallis, out of his desire to consistently serve his customers high quality, handmade, fresh Bloody Marys no matter which bartender made the pour. Now, Demitri’s Seasonings offer you an easy way to guarantee that handmade bartender-quality and consistency at home. Demitri’s also makes an excellent marinade! Demitri’s is great for grilling, stir-fry or just spicing up your favorite recipe. Demitri’s. “The Bartender’s Choice”

  • Brand: Demitri's
  • ASIN: B001P75CKK
  • UPC: 722782828633

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

  • ASIN: B013XC6AWI

The Ultimate Champagne Flutes: Clear Hard Plastic Disposable Glasses - 5.5 oz 48 ct VALUE PACK - Perfect for Mimosas, Bloody Mary's, Wine Glasses, Sodas, Cocktail Cups, Sundaes By Ash Brand

The Ultimate Champagne Flutes: Clear Hard Plastic Disposable Glasses - 5.5 oz 48 ct VALUE PACK - Perfect for Mimosas,

LIMITED UNITS AVAILABLE! Don't Miss Out On An Amazing Deal For These Plastic Flutes (includes 14 funny stickers set worth $9.7 as a free gift!) Best clear plastic cups set that will... • ...serve your guests ice cold champagne • ...hold your juice or cocktail • ...not smell awful like cheap plastic cups from various brands • you time and energy on washing after use • glasses with sayings We are proud to finally introduce our #1 set of plastic disposable cups for endless uses at the most competitive price! 2-Piece Hard Plastic 5.5 Ounce Flutes Each package contains 48 easy-to-assemble flutes. The base and glass fit together easily and snugly and the convenient 2-piece construction makes storage a breeze. Their graceful shape showcases the delicate effervescence of sparkling champagne and their uses are truly countless. Plus, considering that kids are a huge part of most your parties and gatherings, bringing up a glass cup on an event can be messy and unpleasant; even dangerous will all those pieces of glass.Now, you won't have to worry about any of that! You can simply enjoy your favorite drink with zero distractions and no annoying pieces all over or a broken glass piece into your lip! Adding Style To Your Sips! These elegant transparent cups come with free bonus stickers on them for a personalized experience on a wedding, brunch with friends, holiday celebration or an easy clean-up romantic dinner for two. turn your occasion into a stylish event. Plus, you won't have to run the risk of breaking them into thousands of tiny pieces if dropped on the floor! When you're done using them, you can simply re-use them or just dispose them altogether! What Are You Still Waiting for? Scroll Up, Click 'Add To Cart' And Make This Set Of Champagne Flutes [read more]

  • Brand: Ash Brand
  • ASIN: B0753M4868
  • UPC: 609378931826