Connecticut Yankees at Antietam (Civil War Series)

Connecticut Yankees at Antietam (Civil War

September 17, 1862--The Battle of Antietam was the single bloodiest day of the Civil War. In the intense conflict and its aftermath across the farm fields and woodlots near the village of Sharpsburg, Maryland, more than two hundred men from Connecticut died. Their grave sites are scattered throughout the Nutmeg State, from Willington to Madison and Brooklyn to Bristol. Author John Banks chronicles their mostly forgotten stories using diaries, pension records and soldiers' letters. Learn of Henry Adams, a twenty-two-year-old private from East Windsor who lay incapacitated in the cornfield for nearly two days before he was found; Private Horace Lay of Hartford, who died with his wife by his side in a small church that served as a hospital after the battle; and Captain Frederick Barber of Manchester, who survived a field operation only to die days later. Discover the stories of these and many more brave Yankees who fought in the fields of Antietam.

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Take Me to Your BBQ

Take Me to Your BBQ

Aliens have landed on Willy’s farm, and they’re not leaving without a square dance and a square meal! So fire up that grill, lay on the barbeque sauce, and snatch up that fiddle. Told in verse, this rollicking story puts a twist on the typical encounter with the third kind. Adam McCauley's out-of-this-world illustrations match Kathy Duval's hoe-down rhymes like ribs and taters! Get ready for some extraterrestrial, lip-smacking fun.

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Hubbardston (Images of America)

Hubbardston (Images of

Incorporated on June 13, 1767, Hubbardston began as a rural farming community. The town's many farms produced crops, livestock, and dairy products, and millponds utilized the waterpower from local streams to run mill sites. There were several inns and hotels in town, as Hubbardston was a central north-south travel route. The railroad arrived in 1871 and brought many changes, including a great influx of Finnish immigrants who settled in town. Some noted residents were Adam Wheeler, who was second in command at Shay's Rebellion; Jonas G. Clark, founder of Clark University; and Waino Holopainen and Roy Handy, famous for the invention of the first hydraulic backhoe.

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