Holidays, meetings with old friends and birthday parties make us feel happier. But, when it comes to choosing a present, a holiday can turn into a nightmare. We usually want to make an unusual and interesting gift that will stick to the memory of the receiver and impress him or her greatly. How to find a fresh idea in the dozens of hoary gift clichés presented on the market today? can give you the best answer to this difficult question.

Usually, while giving presents people wish each other to be in good health, so why not to present the real “peace of health” in the basket? Fruit baskets are filled with fresh, delicious, and lovely placed fruits that can be an exciting present for any occasion. The present can be handled on your own, or you can use a special delivery service of our company.

Fruit Baskets in the History of Humanity

Fruit baskets are considered to be the modern gifts as they are often ordered through the Internet and delivered through the post. But the truth is that edible gifts that consist of fresh fruits are an old concept that has successfully adjusted to the changing times. The way we decorate our baskets with fruits and the manner they are delivered are quite modern; however, the basic idea of putting the freshest fruits in the beautiful basket and giving it to someone else as a present is extremely old.

Birthday Baskets

When humans were hunters and gatherers, they started collecting fruits into the baskets for easy transportation. The whole families used to get up early in the morning and go to the fields and forests searching for fresh food. At that time, man had to hunt for food and then after the long hours of field work they presented to their families the most precious present ever- food that was a symbol of hope for the better new day.

These were days when people knew the value of food, as every piece of it was picked by their own hands and not in the closest food shop on the way home from work. Baskets were the one way for people to gather their harvest and they were the most valued presents. At that time, a basket was a tool for survival, not the decorative element. Gift baskets look so natural today because people feel their great importance on the inside.

With the time passing, the baskets didn’t lose their functionality and remained an important tool for the consumer society. However, the appearance of baskets has changed. They became more decorative and attractive. This was the moment when baskets started being used as a gift package for the first time. There is no recorded information about detailed date and time of when this happened, but it is absolutely clear that due to those events, baskets breathed a new life into the modern gift industry.

Fruit Baskets Usage

Let’s try to answer the question when and who can be presented with fruit baskets. If you are planning a party, family meeting,or a big occasion, why not to impress your family and friends’ tastes in such an extraordinary way. Such kind of beauty will also help you to decorate your place. Moreover, it won`t ruin your budget. And of course it will save your precious time.

Our offerings can be divided into several categories:

  • The first category includes 4 different Fruit Baskets. There you can also find some kinds of dried fruits. The only problem that you will face when choosing a gift basket is that in the end you will understand that you want all of them.
  • Sometimes it’s incredibly important to show another person that he or she is an irreplaceable part of our lives. So, a Gift tower and boxes can solve this problem. In this division you can find 20 lovely boxes. Some of them can be complemented by decadent chocolates, extremely delicious hand-milled cheeses, and other special delicacies.
  • Sometimes some of the couples just must be together. And we offer you another unseparated pair of Cheese and Fruit Gifts. You can choose the best basket to impress the receiver greatly. We give you a chance to select from the best world’s cheeses like tangy blue cheese, herb havarti, creamy gouda, and smokey touville, for example. These cheeses can be complemented with harvest-fresh apples, sun-ripened pears, kiwis, plums… or a dollop of fruits covered with chocolate. The only phrase that the receiver will say will be “WOW”.

If this is a reaction that you expect to get –don’t hesitate and order a fruit basket right now.

Fruit Basket – Delicacy of Taste

The Premium Fruit category is a way to the healthy and always young life. Browsing this category you will be able to choose from such a variety of fruits: the best peaches, nectarines, watermelon, apples, pears, oranges, and cherries in the world. The fruits are very delicious. This sort of a gift can not only make you healthier, but also happier. These fruits will fill you with energy for the rest of the day. So, don`t worry…eat Premium Fruits.

Harvest Club Gift Baskets

Love is the best feeling that people can experience during their life. Sometimes it is very difficult to express your feeling with the help of words only… “Dessert and chocolates” is you Superhero. Mouthwatering chocolate covered strawberries, super-delicious chocolate mousse torte cakes, tasty blissful brownies, appetizing chocolate truffle lava cakes, toothsome red velvet cakes, and carrot cakes are not all options of the available offerings. Are you a sweet-tooth, but your doctor does not let you eat sugar. Don’t worry, we have something to offer– No sugar added berries will help you to forget about all taboos.

Chocolate covered apples and pears will make you the best wife in the world. A friend’s birthday is coming and you still scratch your head over the present for him or her? No worries, we will deliver a package of «Happy Birthday Berries» for your friend with a great pleasure. If you don’t know what to choose, fresh fruits or dried fruits, stop being bothered by this question, because it doesn’t really matter. It is obvious that chocolate covering fresh fruit gifts have fairly short shelf life, but don't let this fact stop you from purchasing them. Once you've tasted our creations, they won't last long anyway! The taste of our fruits makes them impossible to resist their delicious temptation.

Fruit Basket – the Best Choice for Every Occasion

If you have a secret love, but you do not feel comfortable to tell your beloved about your feelings, stop dreaming, a package of “Valentine berries” will tell everything instead of you. Are you afraid of eating fruits because you were told that you have a food allergy or sensitivity to gluten? So we have surprised news for you. Our Gluten-free gifts will be your helper in this situation. These baskets not only include delicious apples, gorgeous pears, and just fascinating oranges, but also sinfully delectable Chocolate Truffle Lava Cakes with thick and warm chocolate, and powdered sugar that’s 100% celiac-free.

So, be sure that your friends and family members who are suffering from sensitivity to gluten will be very thankful for your present made in heaven. Start choosing right now, we can offer you everything you can only imagine – premium fruits, fruits dipped in chocolate, dried fruit treats, dessert, cider and chocolates, and, of course, fruit gifts. Don’t wait for a special occasion or holiday, favor your close person with a great present today.

Are you going to a party? We have an interesting offer for you. How about Cider and Fruit gifts. Nowadays, cider becomes very popular around the world. Cider is the best beverage made from fruit juice. The delicious cider can easily zip you and your friends up and guarantee the best mood ever for your party. And, if you are planning a party, the best addition to it can be a glass of cider with apple and pear slices. You will be the queen in party planning.

Easter Gift Baskets

We have one more interesting offer for you – Dried fruits. Thanks to their rich nutrition, the dried apples are extremely popular in backing apple pie. Apple pie lovers will definitely love it. We sell hundreds of dried apples that can meet your highest requirements. Bright colors and nice-looking shapes are the reason why people like the diced and dried berries.

The organic dried strawberries guarantee that you can have the high-quality strawberries nutrition at a low price. Kiwi is rich in vitamin C and other nutritions. Its content of potassium is slightly less than that of a banana that is why it can be considered to be the fruit of happiness as well. Dried and Diced Kiwi also contains such vital vitamins as A and E that will make you look several years younger. This fruit is a good source of flavonoid antioxidants that are good for your skin.

During the whole year Christians all over the world are waiting for the day of Easter. This holiday is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus and the great feast of faith. If you are planning to visit your family or friends, The Fruit Max will help you to make this holiday unforgettable with the help of great tasty presents. A basket for Happy Easter will definitely become a small miracle for a child, as it contains cookies of different fruit shapes, vegetables, and even small chickens inside. More things that children can find are various kinds of fruits. This basket will make your children understand that there are no better sweets than fruits presented by the nature. This would also be a significant addition to the children’s health.

A fruit basket can be a perfect present for any holiday, no matter if it is an internal family event or a big corporate celebration. Our company will help you to customize your gift so that it becomes an ideal present for the receiver.

Business Basket for the Pickiest Clients

Business gifting is an important element of the company’s culture. Besides, it is a perfect solution for almost any occasion for which you have to prepare the gifts. Fruit baskets are the best way to show employees as well as business partners that you really appreciate their hard work and that you are thankful for everything that were done by them. A business basket is the perfect present to start collaboration with the partner and to show your good attitude toward them. At the same time it is the best choice for the woman who takes maternity leave and isn’t a part of your company anymore. Business partners will be pleased to get the basket of the best quality, as it is a symbol of a desire to build strong and ongoing prosperous relationships.

The highest degree of customization will let you personalize every basket the way it perfectly meets the requirements of every person. You can add a custom ribbon with the logo of your company, or a brand card, or you can choose a special branded basket designed for you. The content of the basket is also up to your choice. You can combine different items so that the composition in your fruit basket is ideal for the person who is going to receive the present. The freshest fruits from the best suppliers will guarantee a legendary quality and unforgettable taste.

Why to Choose Fruit Baskets from Our Shop? has a great variety of exciting, unusual, juicy, and breath taking presents for everyone. The category called “New arrivals” has daily updates so you can be sure that you’ll always have the best. What is more important is that there are the freshest options for a fascinating gift at our online store.

Fruit Basket is an extremely healthy food gift that you can send to your friends and loved ones and be sure that they will enjoy the present. This gift will not only look terrific, but will guarantee a premium quality of life. That is why everybody considers giving Fruit Basket as a good and healthy gesture. Fruits are superheroes that are excellent sources of vitamins, fibers, and minerals. Everyday fruit consumption lowers the risk of heart diseases, strokes, and some types of cancer. What is more important is that a daily portion of fruits can guarantee you a good mood and 100% stress resistance!

Lavish attention of your beloved with the basket of excellent taste, vitamins, and beauty. Fruit baskets are available for every individuality, starting from a sweet tooth that can’t imagine a single day of his or her life without chocolates and up to a super model that have to keep a diet and avoid sugar. Our company will help you to select the best set of fruits that will perfectly meet the receiver’s demands. Do not hesitate, choose a perfect fruit basket, and get ready to make the best present anybody has ever received.